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in a world where so many things are against you, when advantages do exist, i say use them

this one is not so game breaking a bug that we can't consider it a feature, just my opinion


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This thread is a bit older, but I hope I still get a response.

I understand how this works. It's rather odd and could be considered a bug, or not, depending on your angle.

I can also explain how those unexpected recipes come together (something about averages)

But people in this thread have also been hinting at something curious: that it's possible to get more than the full boost on items (eg more than 125 boost on a 250 item) without using OP stuff.

Did i get that right, and if so, how? I have no idea how that could work.


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Wearing items with malus (medium or heavy armor) will degrade the final quality according to a formula shown here : http://en.ryzomnomnom.com/wiki/Malus

(not copied directly to forum in order to avoid spoilers, etc).

It is possible to obtain a q225 item by wearing 100 malus (5 pieces of HA) and using an action for q250. Said q225 item will retain the +125 boost corresponding to the original q250 stanza.

It is *not* possible to get more than +125 on an item without outpost tools though, because there is no crafting action higher that q250 to degrade from.


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It's nice how you claim to avoid spoilers, then spill the secret...


The only sane man is the one who considers himself to be insane. Im sane, btw. }¦-)>

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lol. This was considered a secret?


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Thanks for the formula Mj :)
I could not figure out how much the quality will be degraded with malus, so used my gereric mats to craft and make a note everytime :D
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