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I am looking for the following materials:

- sup zun amber (sets of 10)
- tekorn bramble q200 and q250
- rubbarn gum q200 and q250

In exchange I am offering
- q250 choice dig materials, any eco
- occupation products q60 and q70
- crafting service (I can craft anything at q200 [min lvl 201]), and the following at master level:
-- LA, jewelry, daggers, 1h/2h swords, staves, amps, shields.
Exchange rates have to be negotiated.

If interested, kindly contact me by ingame mail or /tell.


Daomei die Streunerin - religionsneutral, zivilisationsneutral, gildenneutral
Last visit Thu Aug 22 01:40:43 2019 UTC

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