What solution do you prefer to resolve the foraging problems in the Prime Roots?
Do not change the current positions of the spots and keep the prospecting bug until it is resolved. 203 (46)
Redistribute spots again, this time grouping the supreme, excellent and choice materials. 88 (11)
Return to the pre-merge locations (in which the three qualities were grouped). 208 (36)
Other 7
Abstain 11
Poll is closed

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I vote 3 because only this version is correct with the Lore.

Lore was the reason why there was also suprememats in Nexus.
Also Desertmats in north of Matis and so on.
And there are more reasons like that.

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I agree with bittty that 2 and 3 oughtn't be an alternative to 1. 1 needs to happen no matter what.

2 and 3 as options both bother me. I feel a bit selfish, but I've got a good spot right now where I'm grinding my dig and I don't want it to up and vanish. I frankly don't understand why 2 is on the table at all. Why rejigger everything and make everyone remap? That seems maximally disruptive.

The most seamless transformation of the current state would be to leave the choice mats where they are so everyone's exploration hasn't been completely useless, then sprinkle the ex and sup around the choice. If you want to add some more spots in for balance reason where there used to be just ex/sup nodes, fine. But redo everything from scratch? Ow. If that can't happen, 3 seems like a better solution that 2 as an emergency measure while debugging happens.

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Pre merge wasn't bugged so option 3. On top its a fast solution which will solve PR dig as fast as with next server maintenance. Its a no brainer, option 3 is it.

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It WAS bugged before, but the way mats were placed pre-merge made it less nightmarish than it is now, Even if I voted 3, it doesn't mean I don't want the tracking message bug to be fixed. It HAS to be fixed and it has to be on top of the priority TO DO list...


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i'm not for the old carte, to be all at the same chance a new spot for all.

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Call me paranoid, but what prevents this from being distorted by the creation of any number of free trials and the results are the opinion of an individual is pushed? Is it not reasonable ONLY count the votes of the "payment accounts"?


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I have met somebody with multiple SUB Accounts...

make multiple new Toons/Chars on the same SUB Account and vote until you win? (just keep replacing them all)

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Tazu (atys)
i'm not for the old carte, to be all at the same chance a new spot for all.

maybe you dont know the game realy :) especialy the old spots give you a better chance.
Why should new spots a better chance for all ? Only bigger groups (guilds) have a better chance atm. Tons of aggro on the new spots !!!

By the way: you use the older crafters also i gess :)

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Muffin (atys)
I have met somebody with multiple SUB Accounts...

make multiple new Toons/Chars on the same SUB Account and vote until you win? (just keep replacing them all)

There is only one vote per account, so that won't work. And granted, multiple sub may also vote multiple times. Yet I fail to see a real issue in that. The possibility to create infinite new free accs is one, though.

Best would be an open vote where everybody sees who has voted for what.


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Voted 1 because

- we need to get the bug fixed asap. It affects both PR and the surface. So it not only annoys old players, it also annoys all the new players. And they may not be that tolerant to old bugs. Especially if there's no one around to explain it to them. We're always complaining that the old bugs should be fixed, so I cannot fathom why so many people vote for 2 & 3 now. This is short sighted, imho. If 2 or 3 is implemented you can rest assured that fixing this particular bug will be lowered in priority.

- having different qualities in different locations allows for more players to be satisfied at the same time.

Regarding the second point, I'd actually vote for a distribution where we _always_ can find some lower grade materials where their corresponding supreme (or other higher grade) can be found. Simply because this would be consistent with reality (yeah, I know it's a game, but still). The lower grades should be available in overall more spots than their higher grades, again for the obvious reason that it's always easier to find smaller diamonds, than it is to find the one larger perfect one. But since we should not necessarily discuss extensions, and focus on the choices we have, that's a clear "1" for me.

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-I think that the bug is more visible now not only because the grades are separated, but because the deposits are constantly depleted. DEPLETED is the issue of the bug, and it wont change no matter what option we choose above.

-good mats always have aggro on the spot (maybe a few exceptions). it was like this before and it is still.

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I agree to Dinorah that depletion probably is or at least may be a condition which indeed triggers the bug more often. Btw., I do not believe that the bug will be fixed a nanosecond earlier or later no matter what's the outcome of this poll. The reason that the bug is not fixed yet though the devs and csr consider it serious enough to open this poll is that it is complex and there is no quick and clean solution without unpredictable side effects at hand. So there is not much of a point in that strange battle of material between the alternatives. Honestly, I do not believe that nearly 300 players have voted so far. Best would be to reset the poll and go for open vote.

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I'm in favor of option 2 or 3 but I votes 3 because it has a better chance of winning.
I'm not sure why so many people are voting for 1, they will fix the problem regardless of the option voted for but voting 1 keeps it broken till a fix is found and it could be a long time. I'd like things back to the way it was where it was at least playable so that it's not so bad while things are being fixed.

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+1 Neva, the best reason to vote for any option but the first really. At present, it's untenable, there are some workarounds found by some of us, but they're really not universally known.. nor 100% reliable in and of themselves.



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I voted 1. I like it now as the exe and sup nodes are in different places. After all sups are empty pretty soon after season change I can still go look for excellents. I also like the challenge that arises from new source locations.

And about the bug: I actually don't know what the issue is. The bug with depleted nodes showing the status of other nodes inside your prospection range is ancient. There are at least two ways to easily work around that. Both tracking and node prospection work fine for me as i always know what the displayed message means (although it's sometimes not exactly the message i would expect - a fix would be nice).


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