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In the achievements, the skill achievement "Excellence is hardly enough" doesn't take our already gain level. I think the counter of the achievement increases when we progress from the 249 to the 250 level. So... it's kinda sad ;)


There was a bug with the progress bars that made every counter look like "0 / xxx". It should be fixed now and in the case of "Excellence is hardly enough" the counter should show how many lvl250 skills you have.




Ukio, ari kami SirCotare :)


I know it's not the good post but there is another thing seems to be bugged ( bugged is it right ? :o )

General the 2 last one :
" Gagner et porter le titre : Devenir M. La Chance / M. La Poisse "
= " Win and wear : ( those titles in english, don't know the right translation for them, sorry :p) "

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Maxxye : maybe there's a difference between the profile page (P) were you can change your title, and the web IG profile app, in which you can change also your title...


Maxxye : il y a peut-être une différence quand tu changes ton titre avec le profil (P) avec le menu déroulant, et si tu passes par le web-IG. Je ne sais pas, je propose juste hein ^^


Did it but don't work


Je l'ai fait coco, mais fonctionne pas.


Ok, bisous !


Cotare : I checked.
Nope, the bars are still buggy. It shows me 0/10.
But some other achievements have the same kind of issue : "The game doesn't play itself" shows me the number 107/182 but the bar is alerady full.
The same for the dapper-achievement (the one about collecting 100.000 dapp).

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Ok, I'm still working on that messed up bars... From what I can tell though, only the display is bugged, so the achievements should be correctly triggered once they are complete.

About the two "title achievements":
Indeed, there is currently a bug and the achievements are broken. I'll post back here, once the issue is resolved.

Yours Cotare

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You know that it's currently impossible to finish the exploration of the Burning Desert? (try to get into the Secret Kami Oasis - not really possible)



Secret Kami Oasis has been removed from the objectives :)




The achievements that require titles should now work.




Thank you Cotare, works now :)


The achievement based upon civ fame aren't working, both for positive and negative fame.



I have a problem with exploration achievement. I turn all around Pyr and they don't validate 2 zones (Canyon pass and Emperor dunes).

It's normal ? I must perform a action for validate achievement ?

Thanks for your help !
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