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About 20 minutes ago the server crashed and now the goo damage bug is back. Please fix this. It makes many things extremely difficult if not impossible to do.

thank you,



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yes, some popular mobs in Void are unreachable... But worst is that some NPCs are in the goo, like the KoD Zorai drop point for the mektoub tour. Making it very hard for people with less than 6k HP to reach...

Please fix :-)

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I agree with above. Please put some effort in a fix. Its very anoying.

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I experienced the goo damage bug as well. My play style is exploration and doing specific missions where the NPC are affected with the goo damage bug.

Being a hardcore player and not being able to play as I like I would like to have a look at this bug ((or feature or whatever) (as it is annoying for the most of the server not only me)). Obviously this bug will make me play much more less and maybe I will reckonsider my subscription (as the areas the goo moves are vital for my gameplay and experience.)

I really like your job but please do something with game-breaking bugs.

Thanks in advance,


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Can't be worse then marauders where some tp's are in goo when it happens making it impossible for even a 6k+ homin to make it out alive without a heal team outside the Goo

But see it as a living planet or a special event :D. Like you said popular mobs are in goo. I expect you mean plants or jabs but ryzom has so much more to offer go out EXPLORE and look for them in other zones don't need to kill jabs mindless every day. Ryzom has so much more to offer go kill some horncers that give almost same xp in LoL, find your own killer jug spot in GoC, ...

I kind of feel sad seeing ppl killing the 'popular' mobs every day, can't be an explorer and just kill those every day, would call those ppl more a mindless blob folowing the others without any sence of adventure.


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Can the previous post be deleted please? It does not relate to the subject. None of us are asking for game play advice here.


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I'm just answering to ppl in here saying that bug is game breaking and they are even going as far as saying they will unsub from game because of it.
don't see it as a bug but as an event.


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Can the previous post be deleted please? It does not relate to the subject...

Can you remove this and Tgwastes posts as well? Don't want sub to be the only one getting his posts removed as usual.


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Could the entire topic be locked/removed, since the bug has been solved (for now)?

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Bugs should be reported using the ticket system not the forums.

The goo bug is well known by players and the devs and is most likely being worked out. Crashes cause this bug and what fixes it at current is the server reboot which is scheduled biweekly.


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i think he meant like fix it completely so it wont ever come back.... doubt it even possible though

upd: otherwise there is no point of making a topic every time it happens lol

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The goo event started in a great hurry on all servers simultaneously just before patch... i think they want goo to be dynamic, responding to goo mobs and/or vice versa. clearly it's not working as intended (manual goo mob spawn + odd goo expansion on server crash + reset on reboot)

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Jup, would love more dynamic goo. Why not make goo dependant on goo mob kills, for instance when not enough goo mobs are killed there is a 'goo explosion' adding more goo. Why not even goo in goo free zones when not enough goo mobs are killed.


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In my opinion, as long as the dynamic goo isn't actually visible, it shouldn't be turned on at all. If I can't see that a region is goo infested, how am I supposed to know that I mustn't walk in there? And now don't say "tread carefully". We can't take baby steps all over Atys all the time.

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I agree completely. If the Goo expands there should definitely be a visual indication of the fact.


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