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the sabbaths, the Sabbaths of Bane allience as some call us. we are a uniqe kind of karavan guild. jena is not our lord ,our lord is the Sabbath. whos the sabbath you ask ... trust in this you dont want to ask that. that would mean you dont follow and thus meaning your our foe. if you think its just us you would need to deal with when fighing us. NO we have many strong ally guilds who whould snap into action as soon as duty calls. but if you still decide to ask who the sabbath is. i will tell you once. the sabbath is the essence and force of life that comes from the roots and feeds the hommins. and is bane t Ma-Duk he steels life from the roots to use in his and his kami deamons needs and salts the wounds by propagada of the kami wanting to help the hommis. but there is nothing more Ma-duk fears is the sabbaths. now that you know us and our lord there is only one thing i have to say are you our foe or do you follow.

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if you would like to join SB then please contackt one of these members
:high officers


if you canot contact one of these members then you have my permition to post on this forum page a simple i would like to join along with your kara fame lvl and your lvls and any postion you can fill in the guild and anything else you may be able to offer to help us strive sucha as if you dig lvl is say (200) then you can dig us a lot of pr mats for the gh thus filling the position of a guild digger {you do not need to always do the same thing we have a lot of freedome here but it would be a good thing to have if you could offer some sevice to the guild... we all offer something to one another here

requirements for joining are: you must ahve atleast 20+ kara fame and atleast one of you lvls must be over 20 { and that youcan prove that you are a responsible mature person =D } if you ahve +65 you may qualify for O and if you ahve 90+ kara fame you may qualify for HO

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new rules as to how to join - have ventrilo have signgd compleatly up for and have have 30 or above karavan fame and ofc you must be responcible and mature



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