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General (arispotle)


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Yeah, when the channel isn't official and/or auto joined at login, it doesn't seem to work.

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FF's BBB has moved back to Jungle .... working Jool mats in LV or Kara TP area at your convenience

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thank you for visiting the forests, please come again :)

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GoC was too quiet ..... no one working forest dig, so figured I'd try my luck in Void. Will come back when there's a need.

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if I knew when/where these were, I'd probably join in on one.


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if I knew when/where these were, I'd probably join in on one.

See post 19 ... Im EST

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I am digging weapon mats in Void. Kara tp or LV.
250 jungle/250 PR/250 forest

GMT +1 (+2 at daylight saving time)

Send me a tell when Im online or something to ask for digging.

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BBB on for Saturday / December 1st to get Meggy 250 Lakes
Watergate Border Post OP ... PM for invite
Last visit Mon Oct 20 04:18:59 2014 UTC

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