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Good day Atys, there is something that has been bothering me for quite sometime now and a byproduct of that has led me to this. Over the past several weeks, there have been a few guilds that asked me if I wanted to join their guilds and my response was; does your guild-leader (or in the 1 case it was the guild-leader himself) have any Lvl 250 crafting skills in weapons/armor/jewels. Answer. No. I then asked if they have any boss hunters. Again, answer no. But then the one guild told me that they have 3 OP’s and 1 is Lvl 250. I see no value in joining a guild, where I am the highest crafter and the main boss hunter because that sounds like a lazy guild which then would have to pay me a monthly salary for my service.

Now, this guild-leader just stands around Pry and I do not understand why a guild-leader is incapable of providing for his guild. Yes, there are crafters who are always willing to help, but if you own OP’s and especially, Lvl 250 OP, then take pride and be able to craft that level.

This turns me to the main purpose of why I am posting this and that is I have a thought about re-balancing, harder to obtain Lvl 250 OP’s and drills as well as a grace-period in-between when a new drill is dropped and when that OP can be declared upon.

To start, I think that the in-balance of OP’s have reduced the real desire for the OP itself. Over the past several weeks and months, there have only been a few OP wars and they have been conducted by the same 2 or 3 guilds and I believe that it is not because of a numbers game but the simple fact that Role-Play has been taken to the extreme and no cooperation to have any larger guilds, which in-turn (just my opinion) has reduced the quality of game-play that we did not have nor experience prior to the Atys server merger. Now, my idea is on January 1st, 2019 all Lvl 250 be dissolved and the following outline could be implemented.

Let me start with the war declaration requirement first. If any guild wants to declare war upon an OP, the Guild-leader himself must have at least 1 craft master in each for Weapons/Armor/Jewels and Forage so that he can provide for his guild. Also, the guild should have a minimum existence of 6 months and have again the minimum of 6 P2P toons and not just 1 or 2 with 25 F2P alts. Any guild-leader or HO who is recruiting for sheer numbers and does not have the ability to help train their members as well as provide gear, should be ashamed of themselves and take the time to develop their own skills first.

With regards to the declaration cost and drill grace-period, here are my thoughts, which once you read, you will think that I am crazy but if you seriously think about it, it does make sense. Lvl 250 OP war declaration cost should increase to 32M dappers, this will make some toons think twice and possibly encourage smaller guilds to merge and create a real sense of balance (or at the very least, a start to). Also, the cost of the drill should increase to 64M dappers for x1 speed and 128M dappers for x2 speed and if the dev-team is feeling generous, give us x4 speed for 512M dappers. I believe that by doing this, guilds will also have to take seriously the value of the OP Mat itself and possibly, as I previously mentioned, create larger guilds because the cost alone will require team-work. The grace period should be at least 90 days from the time the drill is dropped, this way, the guild can enjoy some of the benefits for all the dappers spent.

I know that there will be major blow-back and that it will come from the current owners who think and believe that it is their God-given birthright to own all of Atys and gather their troops only when an OP is about to take place because let us be honest, most of them only come out when there is an OP war and do not play all that often. I understand that real life comes first, it does for me, but I still manage to log-in for 30 minutes at least once-per-day to take advantage of my paid account.

I leave you with this parting-shot: Persuade me or prove to me that I am mistaken in thought or deed, and I will gladly change-for it is the truth I seek, and the truth never harmed anyone. Harm comes from persisting in error and clinging to ignorance.

Thank you and Godspeed…

Zatarga - Atys Bedouin

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I don't think your intention is wrong, but Your solutions are i think.

Also the big guilds often have more than 5 subbed players already, even if they don't login daily, so that doesn't really change the situation. And what will also happen is that the now dominant group of guilds will just merge into bigger guilds, with even more ops, but the "balance" won't really change.

Also, OPs are already being reworked to be more dynamic, so let's wait to see what that brings :D


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With the patch coming up soon; and the *at last* elimination of phase 2;

op wars and ops will change hands necessarily since it will be an actual choice now. (Example u cannot safe an OP and try to lower the TH at another and reclaim it at round 2, because there will be no round 2).

Also the mats will rotate; so no fixed op / mat produce; so that will add another interesting dynamic and make every op count.


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I agree, something needs to change, but I don't think those are the solutions.

I really hate that a whole faction can gang up and controll the OP's (Hear: Kami?) Or two factions together same thing. I think it would be cool to see more guild vs. guild fights, but I don't think that will ever happen. There would have to be a way to prevent others from joining your guild to defend or attacking to prevent that from being hijacked.

Maybe also allowing opportunity for other ways to win an OP for your guild, not just PvP. Maybe something awarded by a Kami God, or Kara military force with their protection for a period of time until they see fit to let others declare on it (to award Rangers for instance, It's just an Idea).

Also, I am not sure increasing the price for declaring would be good. I think some of the fun of Atys is having MORE Op fights, not less. I think an increase of dappers for declaring would make less fights. I like the idea of having a 'Maintenance fee' for OPs though. It would make OP owners pay a regular fee for upkeep of their OP and make them think twice about declaring to own an OP. Plus, its a dapper sink. I don't think that would decrease OP fights, but make them more inclined to change hands.

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I think, as Naema says that punitive prices for declarations and drills will reduce OP turnover, not increase it. It is also clear that a 90 day "free" period would do the same thing. I would support a "safe period" of 20-30 days.

I also think that requiring the GL to have crafting skills is not the best idea because not every crafter is a good guild *leader* (taking myself as a prime example). Having the skills present in the active members, however, is a good idea.

I think part of the problem with holding the q250 OPs is that the lower level OPs are significantly less relevant than they were pre-merger, especially those that produce tool mats rather than construction mats.

Something that I would like to see is the ability to combine lower level mats to form higher level mats (with losses, of course). That would make all OPs worth fighting for.

Bittty - (who is unlikely to hold another OP)


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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Outpost are conflictual zone producing important ressource, and valuable ones, players fight for it to maintain they control on it.

Its a game of control and fight.
About Outpost from the last RF meeting:

Outpost will now turn into one round, this will encourage declaration and combat, and will prevent an entities to maintain a control over OP(s) for years.
It will not be 24 rounds, but 12, and duration of the fight should last one hour ( to match more closely with the player's connection possibilities ).

The cost of a declaration will be paid in GuildPoints, and possibly dappers: but at a low cost to encourage dynamism and turn over.

Guild points should prevent alt guilds and inactive guilds to declare multiple OPs, a multiple declarations will be more expensive.

Materials produced will be randomly redistribued each new year of Jena and the quality of the mats, will no longer depends of the quality of the OPs.
Thus, low quality Outpost will have a higher drilling cost to produce 250 high level ressource, and so on, in a smaller quantities.

Feel free to give improvement, comments or new idea about this.

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There is another really simple solution.
Require crafted items to be "paid" to the OP to keep it.
If a payment period ends and not enough or no payment received, TH drops double points. At TH0 it becomes ownerless and the next guild can fight only NPC for it then pay a craft penance to initially hold it.

Introduce a new crafted item for every craft branch that is not tradable that the OP requires.


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I can provide some stats about incidents when attacker took control over the OP. Please note there is 4 incidents missing while i was unable to identify who was fighting who :)

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