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Level 250 OP - Thoughts for Balance


Outpost are conflictual zone producing important ressource, and valuable ones, players fight for it to maintain they control on it.

Its a game of control and fight.
About Outpost from the last RF meeting:

Outpost will now turn into one round, this will encourage declaration and combat, and will prevent an entities to maintain a control over OP(s) for years.
It will not be 24 rounds, but 12, and duration of the fight should last one hour ( to match more closely with the player's connection possibilities ).

The cost of a declaration will be paid in GuildPoints, and possibly dappers: but at a low cost to encourage dynamism and turn over.

Guild points should prevent alt guilds and inactive guilds to declare multiple OPs, a multiple declarations will be more expensive.

Materials produced will be randomly redistribued each new year of Jena and the quality of the mats, will no longer depends of the quality of the OPs.
Thus, low quality Outpost will have a higher drilling cost to produce 250 high level ressource, and so on, in a smaller quantities.

Feel free to give improvement, comments or new idea about this.


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