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Dear players,

Here we are at last! We are pleased to present the latest patch, which brings both significant fixes and long awaited additions.

The patch is scheduled for Wednesday, February 29 at 10:00 AM Paris time. The servers will be closed for a period of about 2 hours.

We would like to thank all players for your patience with the recent technical problems the game has had with resale and PvP etc, they provided quite a challenge to solve but have been finally squashed with this patch.

But enough talk, here some more details about the patch:

New Additions
    • Advanced WebIg ("Web in-game") features uses now an improved system, much faster and secure.
    • New patchlet system at character selection screen which removes the need for a reboot after a small patch (for temporary themed patches or small updates).
    • WebIg uses now a Trusted Domains feature. Only Trusted Domains (atys.ryzom.com) can use LUA.
    • You can now add offline players to your friends list.
    • Lot of improvements to make WebIg more immersive.
  • League system: Temporary PvP alliance of Teams
    • Team leaders can set the league name using: /league "<leaguename>".
    • Team leaders can invite other teams or players into a league using: /leagueinvite <name>. If the invited player is not the leader of his team the invitation is sent to the leader.
    • Each league will have a private channel "League" or the name given to the league when it was created.
    • List of players in league can be displayed using: "/who league" or "/who <league name>".
    • A team or player can quit league using: /leaguequit.
    • Team leaders can kick a team or player from league using: /leaguekick.
    • If a player joins a team in a league, he joins the league too.
    • If a player leaves a team in a league, he leaves the league too.
    • If a player without team is in a league and creates a team, the new team joins the league.
    • All players in a league are PvP allies. No loot or XP is shared between league members.
  • PvP
    The following is only for players that are PvP tagged:
    • Players in same Team and/or same League are allies.
    • Players in same Guild but in 2 differents Leagues are enemies.
    • Players in same Guild but not in a league or in same Team/League are allies.
    • In all other cases players are enemies.
    • If players are enemies and start a duel, their PvP flag will be set. Change your PvP mode. to "No PvP" or make a Team/League before duelling to avoid this.
  • PvP safe zones
    • Players that are PvP tagged (but not flagged) are PvP protected in a safe zone. You can safely AFK at teleporters/portals until you do a PvP action.
    • Players that are PvP flagged are protected in a safe zone only after respawn or teleport.
    • Attacks are forbidden if target player is PvP protected.
    • Player can't attack if he is PvP protected.
    • Heals are forbidden in a safe zone if one player is flagged and other not.
    • Heals are forbidden if a player is in a safe zone and other not.
  • PvP Points
    • PvP points are now generic (no more Kami/Kara/... PvP points).
    • All PvP players can win PvP points. The base points depends on the level of target.
    • Amount of PvP points won = Base points x Fame score. Fame scores are calculated using these rules:
      • 2 allies fames (both <= -25 OR both >= 25): -1
      • 2 enemies fames (one <= -25 and other => 25): +1
      • One or both neutral fames (between -25 and 25): 0
      • The final score is sum of all scores for all fames (Example : 2 allies fames: -2, 3 enemies fames: +3, 1 neutral fame : 0, score=1)
      • Minimum score is 0 and maximum is 3
  • PvP icons (Add screens)
    • New icons to display PvP state: No PvP, Tagged, Flagged.
    • PvP tags are now a single icon with the relationship of the player with yourself: enemy (sword) or ally (shield) and PvP state: tagged (orange halo) or flagged (red halo).
    • PvP protected players have a sword icon with blue halo.
    • Players in Full PvP mode (Event characters only, can be attacked by and attack all players, tagged or not) have a red hand icon.
    • Players in duel mode have a second icon (sword and axe) with blue halo.
  • Organizations
    • An Organization is not a Civilization or a Cult, but a group of homins with the same goal. Some examples of Organizations are: Marauders, Trytonists, Rangers.
    • Players can only be part of one Organization at a time.
    • Players can join an Organization by passing a rite (at the moment, only the Marauders but others can be added later).
    • Each Organization will have fame requirements to enable the rite. The sage (or equivalent) of the Organization will give more information.
    • Players can win Organization points (like civilization points).
  • Marauder's Gameplay
    • Players who join the Marauder Organization will have access to their own merchants, trainers, guild halls and rooms.
    • Marauders plan to make their teleport system available to players who join their Organization.
  • Misc
    • Optional online/offline message for guild mates and friends.
    • Most NPE (Silan) missions can now be abandoned.
    • Inventory items can now be locked to prevent accidental sale, trade, craft or destruction.
    • Team leader and successor can now be manually set by team leader.
    • Removed limit on guild HO's and Officers.
    • It is now possible to craft directly from apartment inventory when inside.
    • /who <channelname> lists all players in a channel.
    • Added Teleporter Pact filter to inventory windows.
    • Catalyzers, flowers and occupation products are now subject to the Mission Materials inventory filter.
    • /chatLog state is now saved between logins.
    • Guild trainers are on extended vacation.
    • Title dropdown in Identity window is now moved to Info tab.
    • Event channels are now always added after faction/civ and custom channels, preserving order.
    • You can now set an individual color for every dynamic channel.
    • Death Penalty on Free-trial accounts is now reduced even if maximum level of the skill has been reached.
    • Server wide broadcasts now output to around chat instead of system info for better visibility.
    • When giving leadership of your guild to another you now get a confirmation window.
    • Dapper displays now use digit grouping.

Bug fixes
  • Problems with server tick value are resolved. Premature resale, PvP timer, mektoub death timer and other problems this caused are now in the past.
  • PrintScreen key now works again on Windows.
  • German language now correctly shows NPC and player names in System Info tab.
  • Emotes with spaces now work again (/"point left").
  • Weather should now be the same for server and clients on all operating systems.
  • Raw materials should no longer show a crafter name.
  • Scrolls that were written on can now be correctly read again.
  • Emotes, duel invites and exchange invites by ignored players are no longer visible.
  • Chat should now always be output to the correct tab.
  • Advanced WebIg features are no longer broken after shard reboot.

Exploit fix
  • Resurrect exploit has been fixed.
  • Dante now has a fake clone to prevent "camping". Dante's camp has become a bit harder.

Some post patch issues can be found here Issue Fixes

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THANK YOU! This seems like it will be a great patch!

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Excellent. Thanks for your hard work!

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Very exciting news :) Will you be making Dante spawn more often along with making it a harder encounter? (Like Pei-ruz)

#5 Report | Quote[en] 

w00t, welcome to 2008. :p


Noble Jayce
Reaper Leader

#6 Report | Quote[en] 

Whoop whoop! \o/
Will the military camp missions also reward PvP points from now on?


Dandy Highwayman of the Red Ribbon Army

#7 Report | Quote[en] 

Can't wait! It sounds like Ryzom's finally starting back up!


Walking the bark and searching for understanding, always.

#8 Report | Quote[en] 

I'm looking forward to a lot of this.

#9 Report | Quote[en] 

wow.. thank you for all the hard work!!:D this is GREAT:D

#10 Report | Quote[en] 

Fantastic! Love the League system. Glad to see so many player suggestions implemented too. :)


No guild. No fame.
Gorran is my name.

#11 Report | Quote[en] 

Sounds very promising...... *thumbs up*


Silvae Custodes

#12 Report | Quote[en] 

The number of things in that patch that have been asked for by people here in the forums is very nice indeed. I wish the emphasis wasn't all on what sounds like a particularly convoluted PvP scheme, but I'll take what I can get in the way of good stuff like locking down those q250 sup amps so they don't accidentally get sold ever again.

On the Organizations. Is it going to be possible to NOT display your organization?


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Fantastic news! Crailus I think they just mean you cannot camp the camp on dante! As you will be killed if you stand by it.

I hope this is the start of a steady stream of patches.

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Dante's camp has become a bit harder.
I assumed this meant the actual encounter will be more difficult.

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I do have a question, though: what is the "resurrect exploit" that has now been fixed?


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
<clowns | me & you | jokers>
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