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Patch 1.13 - Common Issues

Hello Homins,

To shed some more light on how the new PVP system works, here are some clarifications:
Anyone not part of your team / guild / league will be considered your enemy. If you want this person to become an ally you can simply ask him or her to join your team / guild / league.

Information and solutions about known bugs introduced in this patch are listed below. It may be updated with your feedback:
Retruning to character selection screen displays a white immovable window in the center.
Solution : Ongoing...
PVP tag is ON at login.
Solution : hit someone and then detag will be possible.
NPC Trade "Sell immediately" is gone.
Solution : use shift+ENTER or open webIG (shift+W) one time.
Auras timer
Solution : contact a CSR for a reset.
Free Trial players can't leave Silan
Solution : Ongoing...
Guild names are strange (only MAC/Linux related, fix will be on the next update)
Solution: Join a league and leave
Titles, Tags and occupations doesn't work
Solution : These various elements will be implemented with a new system progressively.

Raw materials spots moved a few meters .
Solution : Should be working now!
Fame mission timer is buggy
Solution : Should be working now!

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused and be advised that we are actively working to resolve all the bugs that have been raised and identified! The next patch due out on Monday!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Game Master
Ryzom Support Team
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