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Ryzom improves with the Ranger Faction! (2018-03-03)

Ryzom improves with the Ranger Faction! (2018-03-03)

Dear players,

The time, long awaited by some of you, is finally coming!

Indeed, starting March 23, 2018, Ryzom will officially host a new neutral "faction": the Rangers!

With the patch scheduled for that day, the game will be enriched with the Ranger Rite, which will give access to a peculiar means of transport towards the 250-rated areas, a specific channel and the title of Ranger.

What is the Ranger "faction"?

It brings together all the Homins with a desire to free Hominkind from the Kitin-threat.

The guild of the Rangers of Atys, created after the First Great Swarming, is driven by an ideal of brotherhood. The Rangers believe that Hominkind should live in peace, without division; therefore, they forbid themselves to take part in the quarrels between Homins, and refuse to raise a hand to them, except in case of self-defense.

In addition to patrolling endlessly on Atys, the Rangers also hold strategic bases on Silan and in the Almati Wood. The Silan Camp, managed by Chiang, welcomes Refugees that arrive in the New Lands. The camp located in the Almati Wood, managed by the Guide Ranger Orphie Dradius, is used as a logistical center, and surveys the nearby Kitin's Lair.

During the Second Great Swarming, the Rangers helped save Hominkind. Their battle plans allowed a safe rescue of the population by convincing the Kamis, the Karavan, the Nations and the Trytonists to collaborate.

While doing everything possible to avoid a third Great Swarming, the Rangers keep close watch on the Kitins, eliminate their overly curious scouts, and develop new fighting and cover-up techniques.

(A more complete official wiki page will be put online later.)

What are the prerequisites to pass the Ranger Rite?

To pass the Ranger Rite, you must have a fame greater than +45 with each of the Powers and Nations and be Aspirant Ranger (mission to receive at the Ranger Camp of Almati Wood).

How to pass the Ranger Rite?

  • Check that you meet the necessary prerequisites.
  • Form a team composed of Rangers and/or Ranger Aspirants and able to survive in 150 and 200-rated aeras.
  • Go to Silan and talk to Xypholion Ioros, beyond the arena, on the edge of the cliff. You and your team will be sent on a portion of Oflovak's Road, connecting the Old Lands with Silan, to accomplish the Rite.
  • Complete the Rite within 24 hours. After this time, your team will be automatically sent back to Silan, and another team can pass the Rite in turn.
  • If you complete the Rite in less than 24 hours, please mark your mission as "Completed" to allow another team to take it in turn.


We remain at your disposal for any additional information, and best wishes to you!

Ryzom Team

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