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Orphie Dradius was feeling quite pleased with herself. The activities of the Goo Heads, in the Grove of Confusion, had been shut down due to the actions of Bini Zhui-Hio and his crew of veteran engineers. The negotiations with Karan Stevano to permit the permanent opening of the tunnel had been friendly, as had the negotiations with the representatives of the Powers to permit teleportation pacts to be obtained in Silan.

That tunnel, and what had followed, had also solved her second problem! The preparations for a Test to allow the Aspirant Rangers to become full Rangers (if they passed) had been under way for several years, but the problem of how to get the Aspirants to Silan was now no longer a problem. The instructors were ready, the rescue teams were ready, and as the Aspirants cleared one section of the Road the Paths could be extended to clear additional portions.

Now to set a date for the first team to enter the Test, and to announce it to all of the New Lands.

Orphie took out her pen and a fresh sheet of the best paper and wrote a letter to be copied and posted across the New Lands.

To all Rangers Aspirant from Orphie Dradius, Guide Ranger, greetings!

That hour, for which you have been waiting so long, is now upon you. If you have your badge of Ranger Aspirant and have sufficient Fame with both Powers and all Nations, you will be able to test yourself and your companions to advance to the rank of Ranger starting 1h - Prima, Floris 25, 3rd AC 2597 (*)

You will be able to find the Instructor, Xypholion Ioros, close to the Ranger Camp in Silan. He will be the person who manages the Rite and records your success or failure. Remember the Precepts, organize teams with friends and companions, and prepare yourselves for action.

I look forward to welcoming you to the ranks of the Rangers of Atys.

By my hand this 9h - Holeth, Germinally 18, 3rd AC 2597 (**)

Orphie Dradius, Guide Ranger.

(*) The exact day in Frutor will depend on the hour of the patch.
(**) Friday, 23 March 2018 16:00:00 UTC (3 years ago)



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Pom regarde le tableau d'affichage de Fairhaven et remarque le sceau des Rangers sur un nouveau placard.

Elle lit...
puis relit n'y croyant pas....

elle s'assoie sur le ponton souriant comme la première des innocentes:


Chon aurait été heureux..."

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Jamodu smiles to himself

Now I can fulfill my destiny . . .


Out of the Darkness, into the Light

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