Wounds of War

Dawn was approaching on what was set to be a glorious summer's day, tainted only mildy by the stench of mektoub dung that lay beside Marceline in the dugout she had called home for the night that had just passed.
Rising slowly from her slumber, Marceline rubbed her eyes and stretched,

"Ooooof! well, i've had better kips" she said as she staggered to her feet. "Next time Pappasmurf wants protection whilst he digs, he had better book me a bed in an Inn!"

It had been a long day previously, endless running around dodging various Kitin Patrols whilst trying to juggle between weather patterns. It was safe to say that Marceline was exhausted. 
After bathing in the icy cold waters of mystic falls, she poked what was left of her fire and got the heat rising again. Breakfast was to be roasted Tyrancha thigh and Thinking Moss tea.

"Breakfast of champions!" she told herself.

A gust of summer wind blew by carrying with it the smell of a dead campfire and, strangely, a copy of 'The eye of the Tyrancha news'.

"HA!" blurted Marceline "How fitting as i tuck into this breakfast?!"

She let her eyes gaze over the headlines, searching for something easy to take in while her brain was still reconnecting itself. On page 3 something caught her eye;

Renowned stable sitter, Suboxide, moves!! 
Stable sitter extraordinaire can, in fact, move and is not rooted to the sand like most have come to believe.
Suboxide, a homin long thought to be immobile, has been caught moving on his own two legs. While some may find this hard to believe we, the Eye of the Tyrancha news, have acquired pictographic evidence of this amazing discovery!
Below, feast your peepers upon what is debatably the most astounding news you will read about today!

As you can see, Suboxide is using his melee skills to fight off what looks like Kincherkhan - the younger cousin to Chaghan - from two unknown but clearly confused Homins.

Loyal readers, we urge you to come forward if you have any other such evidence of Homins engaged in heroic and/or unsual acts.

"Pfffft!" scoffed Marceline, slamming the paper into the ground, "Absolute nonsense!"

Finishing her breakfast and gathering her weapons, Marceline's thoughts tumbled onto an old Matisian friend of hers by the name of Elvanae. Word on the hills was that Elvanae had been going through a tough time lately. The ever increasing population of God complex-ridden Kamists were once again threatening to attack her family's outpost for reasons that were still unclear. Marceline had heard rumours of Kamists using excuses regarding drills, though what about drills, she did not know.

"A drill is a drill, no matter how many flowers you throw over it." mused Marceline as she walked. "How much longer will this silly conflict go on? How many more Homins are going to suffer before they realise their 'Gods' are but non-entities in this world?"

Realising that she was starting to sound a little too serious, Marceline quickly took a swig of rum from her flask. She could not be seen to be thinking clearly, what would the world think? She did, after all, have a reputation to uphold.

An hour or so passed, swig or two was swallowed and a thought or three was forgotton. As she turned a corner her path was promptly cut short by a group of Eyes of Intuition heading her way. She ducked into the nearest bush she could find, now was not the time to be fighting no matter how pathetic a group of fighters they were.
The group ambled slowly past, striding long with heads full of self-importance, they were talking amoungst themselves quietly but loud enough for Marceline to hear.

"Have you heard?" said one.

"Heard what?" replied another.

"There's an Oracle in Min-Cho!"

"A what?!"

"There's an Ora...."

"Yes, i heard you, but what is an Oracle?"

"Oh, well, it's a Homin that knows stuff... you know... like, lots of stuff"

"Cool! Do you think he or she would be able to tell me what to do about my Yubo? It keeps wetting my bed."

Before Marceline could hear the answer the group turned a corner and went out of ear-shot. Jumping out of the bush and dusting off the leaves, she focused her thoughts on what she had just heard. She muttered under her breath,

"I think a trip to Min-Cho is in order". 

the oracle of Min-Cho 


marceline nitwit.
professional procrastinator.
atys's first openly transgender homina.
loyal member of the guardians of subox.
founding member of the cookies.
proud honorary member of the Lost Girls.

Douglas (atys)
“What to do if you find yourself stuck in a crack in the ground underneath a giant boulder you can't move, with no hope of rescue. Consider how lucky you are that life has been good to you so far. Alternatively, if life hasn't been good to you so far, which given your current circumstances seems more likely, consider how lucky you are that it won't be troubling you much longer.”
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