100% occupation recipes (spoiler warning)

i have avoided spoiler warnings before on things that i didn't want ruining for me.. how childish and easily led must a person be to not be able to avoid looking at something which they know is going to spoil things for them?
if i had a cookie dangling in front of my face saying "eat me" on it, i would only eat it if i actually wanted to. if, for whatever reason, i did not want that cookies then i would, most definitely, not eat it.
t.v. shows - for a lame example - if i'm behind on a show and someone on the tinterweb has posted a 'spoiler' about the episodes on my 'page' or in a mail, i won't watch/read it simply because i don't want to ruin it for myself.
i like to think i have the (very minimal) self control needed to be able to avoid looking at something i don't want to see.. if other don't then they need to practice self-control - it will do wonders for their lives.
when i first started the occs and tried that first time to get a recipe right, naively unaware that there was some answers on the nomnom, i was annoyed that all that time and effort (and it was effort back then) was wasted.
i was similarly annoyed that, upon finding the nomnom, that not all recipes were the 100% yield.
i'm hugely grateful for the people that originally put the recipes online as they have saved my mental state from imploding.
it's no different writing it on here than it is in a guild post. the content is still the same, it's just open to the 'world' rather than a selected few.

i suppose the thread could be moved to separate section away from the eyes of people who simply can't stop themselves from looking but, in my opinion, if they view something that they know is going to spoil something else for them then that's their own fault..

the game is hard enough without having to work out recipes.. there is a possible 16807 permutations to get out of the 7 choices. now, maybe it's just me, but i don't have the time nor patience to, possibly, get 16806 wrong answers.
(those numbers only equate to the 100% recipes.. not accounting for other percentage recipes)


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