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Likes   In progress...
  22  [Dev-12] Add a marauder TP to Almati Wood
  73  [RF] Adding the Angler occupation (by Depyraken)
  18  [Events-2] Fyros sequence: "Quest for the past"
  38  [RF] Adding a Zoraï mission of Tea Delivery (by Rikutatis)
  17  [Dev-10] Add new mobs for Purple Gubani events
  22  [Dev-6] Gameplay modification to avoid kill stealing
  19  [Dev-7] Improve webIG Team roadmap
  15  [Dev-9] Create primitives for RF equipable/spawnable new objects
  87  Server notice before daily backup
  17  [Events-5] Tryker sequence: "Kitins!"
  16  [Graphics-2] Create a vegetal wall around Yrkanis
  225  New client in Ubuntu Software Center.
  52  [RF] Adding a Tryker Breeding mission : catching of mektoubs (by Zendae)
  44  [RF] Adding a fyros mission at the Forge of Pyr (by Bastien)
  211  New Encyclopedia: Matis rite 50 (Geography).
  18  [Events-3] Matis event sequence: "Botanic Art"
  202  New Encyclopedia: Zoraï rite 50 (geography).
  206  New Encyclopedia: Fyros rite 50 (geography).
  10  [Dev-5] Create a tool to move Ark scripts from an account to another one
  31  [Lore-1] Finish Rangers Lore
  64  [RT] Set up a free access to Silan from the Mainland
  68  [RT] Ranger Rite
  95  Secret work for the next Zoraï long sequence.
  94  Fixing in game text
  92  Fix the daily Please Wait at 02:20 and 02:40 UTC
  23  [RC] Crash in XAudio2 driver while playing [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/254/crash-in-xaudio2-driver-while-playing ]
  49  [RT] Give ARK access to players
  64  [RT] Set up the reversibility of the pay mode (an unsubscribed player can play with the limitations of a free trial account)
  21  [RT] Addition of Achievements on Steam
  68  Fix: Object keeps name change after respawn.
  110  Marauder Lore
  12  [Ingame text-1] Update the civilizations description on character page creation
  21  [Events-1] Atysmas 2016 events
  21  [Dev-4] Open the Scenographic Editor to players (first part of opening ARK to players)
  18  [Dev-3] Debug Kincher rite
  161  Tests to add new sound/music ingame then to add new music when entering a region.For later  
  15  [RT] Creation of a new race application
  39  [RC] [Linux] Crash when using ingame "Return to character selection" [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/252/linux-crash-when-using-return-to-character ]
  50  [RF] Adding the Pyrotechnician fyros occupation (by Lapiaz)
  57  [RF] Adding the Topiary Artist Matis occupation (by Deed)
Likes   Done
  14  [Graphics-1] Create fyros defense tower
  27  [RT] Update of all clients to v3 []
  35  [RT] Improve and simplify the ARK UI
  36  [RT] Silan events
  95  Finish virtual items.
  15  [RT] Update of Mac clients to v3
  16  [RT] Update of Linux clients to v3
  31  [RT] [Events] Atys Games
  11  [RT] Update of Windows clients to v3
  11  [RC] Wrong informations given in Help menu of the Debug Client [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/241/wrong-informations-given-in-help-menu-in ]
  18  [RC] Help menu URLs are broken in Linux Client [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/58/help-menu-urls-are-broke-in-linux-client ]
  11  [RC] EGS compilation [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/260/egs-compilation ]
  10  [RC] "Create Account" returns an error [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/247/create-account-returns-an-error ]
  11  [RC] [Windows] CMake fails to detect Windows SDK version [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/155/windows-cmake-fails-to-detect-windows-sdk ]
  13  [RC] Adding gif support in CBitmap [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/238/add-gif-support ]
  14  [RC] Crash when shader compilation fails in OpenGL driver [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/244/crash-when-shader-compilation-fails-in ]
  9  [RC] ClockMsgTargets changed while iterating [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/250/_clockmsgtargets-changed-while-iterating ]
  10  [RC] Adding a radio button to CGroupHTML [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/237/add-html-radio-button ]
  8  [RC] possible curl handle leak
  13  [RC] Chatlog improvement [https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/issues/221/chatlog-improvement ]
  44  Convert the four temple bots to primitives (for autospawn after reboot).
  29  Fix of Error 60 (problem with certificates under Linux) []
  47  Improving the security of the passwords
  26  Adding the subscription to Ryzom via Steam
  14  Fix of graphics on Matis medium boots with a caster skirt[]
  14  Fix of Error 62 with AVG []
  16  Steam client updated to []
  245  Adding Ryzom on Steam.
  71  Fixing titles after relog.
  24  Addition of a "new messages" notification next to Teams Roadmap icon.
  15  Change primitives to set hardcode temple NPCs to autospawn (Tryker+Zoraï).
  31  Definitely move Pyr NH to Cerakos Gate.
  47  Addition of outpost NPCs in the Marauder camp.
  17  Fix of the Marauder camp outpost materials plan givers.
  18  Fix of the Marauder apartment and Guild Hall NPC.
  20  Move some marauder TPs to better position (there are flying ones, others in the aggros).
  62  Patchlet v7.
  30  Creation of a Ryzom Name Generator.
  15  Lore and chronicles are now readable even if not logged in the WebIG: http://app.ryzom.com/app_lore/index.php?from_index=1
  15  Addition of a "Welcome" forum in the WebIG to better welcome the new players.
  13  Adding a box "search in sub-forums" in the search option of the forums.
  21  Reorganization and opening of the Ryzom Teams.
  21  Megacorp and forums fix to avoid someone who left or was kicked from a guild still being able to to acess the guild chat and forum.
  14  Fixing the problem of the delay between writing in Megacorp's chat and the text appearance in game.
  11  Fixing the display order of the sentences in Megacorp.
  9  Fixing of Megacorp which doesn't work anymore in the Megacorp => ingame direction.
  9  Ordering the event titles by nation/faction.
  24  Objets Pvp avec Pré-requis de faction -- Source: http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/16810/ Summary: make the marauder and neutral pvp objects untradable, as are the kara and kami ones -- Source: http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/112233 Summary: make the pvp rewards and the pvp crafted objects unwearable in case of faction change.
  76  Fix of event titles.
  11  Add an "unread" button in WebIG mails and forums.
  34  Applying fixes from Ryzom Core
  86  Addition of hairdressers, tatooists in the Marauder camp.
  43  Ryzom roadmap 2015
  49  Merge of the forums.
  20  Repair issue with campfire.
  26  Give 2013 Atysmas Ryzhome items to players who received one or more
  17  Permanently move the marauder sage to the outside of the camp
  44  Correct missing bonus rite after merge
  30  Improve marauder guard with updated parameters
  78  Creation of a campfire mission.
  51  Fix of Ryzhome.
  22  Addition of Matis and Tryker anti-marauder guards.
  14  See how to manage the display of the "Official news" multilanguage posts in the website.
  25  Multiple languages in the forums.
  17  Doing manual conversions from old (access by terminal) to new (access by lifts) guild halls.
  19  ARCC's update from v3 to v4.
  47  Add a system asking again the server in case of time-out of the WebIG to ARCC.
  24  Add an option to show to the translators the sentences modified only since a given date
  35  Add feature on Ryzhome app to convert terminal access appartements to elevator access appartments
  73  Improve the CSR tools.
  23  Doing manual conversions from old (access by terminal) to new (access by lifts) appartements.
  16  New mailing list system for the Ryzom newsletter
  19  Important : Ryzom emails are now correctly managed and sent (no longer lost or considered spam)
  13  [megacorp] display how many documents are still locked
  15  [megacorp] After sending a tell to a player, the chat imput is automatically filling his/her name
  13  Integrate mailgun to send emails.
  19  New dynamic welcoming email sending 24h after the account creation
  83  Bugfix: Lag every hour
  21  [megacorp]Remove megacorp guild channel when player is offline and kicked from guild
  74  Reinstall secure server
  33  Addition of a way to remove room access terminals and move location of appartements.
  12  Fix so that error messages in guild creation process are displayed.
  12  [megacorp] When /tell is used, the name remains so private messages can continue
  11  [megacorp] Upgrade to meteor
  10  [megacorp] Selection in profile of prefered notification channels
  12  [megacorp] Add a separator between different days in chat
  13  [ryzhome] Fix toolbar opening when entering Guild Hall
  25  [ryzhome] Add Starterpack for marauder apartments
  30  Move NPC for Marauder Rite outside the camp
  63  [webig] Add Like button to dev roadmap app
  36  [ryzhome] Begin Public Beta Test
  12  [ryzhome] Add default positions for items in StartPacks.
  20  [ryzhome] Test apartment objects
  24  [ryzhome] Fix bugs in House Items
  14  [ryzhome] Add Translations
  10  [support] Add offline rename to the support tool.
  7  [webig] Add translation option to the new dev roadmap
  33  Fix marauder guards: help marauder players, fight non-marauders
  9  [support] Test offline rename command for support team
  14  Repair automatic connection of language channel
  7  [megacorp] Display C60 counter using human view (K M G...)
  7  [megacorp] Upgrade to meteor version 0.8.0
  16  [megacorp] Fix: When "XXX:p" is typed in chat, it converts into a link
  26  [megacorp] When a player is removed from guild, megacorp removes their guild tab immediatly
  23  [megacorp] Mute command now also mutes on megacorp.io
  67  Add Kitin patrols
  28  [webig] Display latest dev and latest news on webig homepage
  18  [webig] New simple roadmap app
  28  Reinstall Race app
  64  Prepare the kitin's tower event

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