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[Support] Ryzom's Ticket System is getting upgraded!

A new interface, a better comfort of use... we hope you'll like it!
A few points to note:

You can contact Ryzom Support via this new ticketing system:
– from the web page https://support.ryzom.com (or from https://me.ryzom.com, button "New Ticket");
– ingame, via the support button symbolized by the icon (?) at the top right of the radar (or Shift+w then "Support" button).

Warning! The email address support@ryzom.com is no longer used!
Don't worry, if you still use it by habit, an automatic email will remind you.

When you send a ticket, you will receive an automatic email and an ingame email. Both will provide you with your ticket number and a link to access it directly, so you can add to it if needed.
When a member of the Support Team answers your ticket, you will be advised automatically in the same way.
Once your problem is resolved, you will be able to close your ticket yourself if you wish.

Now you know everything!
When you will have had the opportunity to test this improvement, please let us know below what you think!

Have a good time on Atys,
The Ryzom Team


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