Guild Points are mine
Yeah! Two new ways to earn guild points.
Daily missions (max 7 points per day)
Nexus Outposts (2, 4, 6 and 8 points per week for OP 100, 150, 200 and 250)
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Latest News

Latest developments

Content Patch 996 (2024-06-12)

Patches 995-997

  • Corrected display and tooltip of inventory volume progress bar
  • Bug fixes and ARK code optimization

Command autocompletion is here!

No need to search the ryzom wiki for the exact spelling of a command, or the list of parameters, thanks to autocompletion. Start typing your command and a list of suggestions will appear.

Sort your friends' groups

For some months now, sorting in the groups of your friends list has been buggy. This has now been corrected and there's no longer any reason not to use this feature.

More choice in materials for guild island NPCs

NPCs on guild islands who used to ask for materials to build buildings or convert outpost materials now accept Bosses' materials. A great way to empty your GH.

Guild chests arrive to expand and better organize your GH

  • Guild chests allow you to organize your GH into different compartments.
  • The Guild tab in the inventory is replaced by 2 tabs, GH 1 and GH 2. Each tab can display one of the guild chests.
  • Each chest has 500 slots and a variable bulk capacity.
  • New chests can be built on the guild island (up to a maximum of 20). Each chest appears physically on the island.
  • On the guild island, it is possible to enlarge (increase the bulk of) each individual chest.
  • Each chest have a name (which can be changed), a maximum bulk (which can be increased) and 3 permissions: who can see the contents, who can deposit in the chest and who can take from the chest. For each permission, you can choose between Members (i.e. everyone), Officer, Senior Officer and Chief.
  • If members can't see the content of a chest, they can't drop items into it either.
  • Only one chest can be reserved for the Chief.

Tutorial improvements

  • The findable chest is now easier to find: the smaller one has been replaced by the larger one, which also becomes the only chest.
  • A psykopla seed chest is now available, so you can stock up if you need to.

4 Nations lessons

  • 4 new lessons have been added on Silan to explain the particularities of each nation.
  • Each lesson rewards you with the nation's equipable RP flag.

We remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

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