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Alarms' unveiling
Ailan Mc'Kean, Governor of the Tryker Federation, invites the Trykers to the inauguration of the alarms set up by engineer Bill MacBill.
Meet her in Frogmore place in Fairhaven, , 27 January 20:00:00 UTC (3 days to go).

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, 27 January 21:00 (3 days to go)
(Tryker)Alarms' unveiling Show details in forum
, 7 February 21:30
Ryzom Forge ingame meeting

(Timezone Europe/Paris)

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A strange unrest reigns throughout Atys: desires for humming, decorating one's home and even the whole Bark, offering gifts, partying... What magic has taken hold of everyone? Hohoho! But that's for sure! Atysmas is finally back!

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Patch 893 - Hot Fixes
  • Fixed the required vcruntime140_1.dll file. The file has been added to the folder
  • Fixed mouse click offset and black band at top when switching to full screen in OpenGL.
  • Added a monitor selector under Linux in full screen mode
  • Fixed bad display of some objects preview windows
  • Fixed issues with u: in special bag objects
  • Fixed crash when FMOD sound driver is selected (FMOD drivers are no longer used)
  • Fixed sorting of tribe fames
  • Ended 32bit clients except for windows non steam version


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