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Day patch on Tuesday September 28th 2021.

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Saturday, 2 October (3 days to go)
(Marauders) Infiltration
Monday, 4 October 21:30 (6 days to go)
Ryzom Forge ingame meeting
Sunday, 10 October 21:00
(Ranger) Turquoise Seed
Monday, 18 October 21:30
Ryzom Forge ingame meeting

(Timezone Europe/Paris)

Latest News

Latest developments

Patch 877

A client patch and server restart took place on July 23, 2021 to implement the following changes, adds and fixes.

Adds and fixes :

  • Mektoubs of the Marauders' mini-camp in Tryker country no longer defend the players.
  • Marauders' drills (aka Aklareen) set up on the outposts do extract refined materials.
  • The Aklareen'h craftsman (the trainer who provides the crafting plans for the Marauder outpost items) can be called upon by any character, regardless of faction or nation.

Changes :

The Ryzom Code of Conduct is updated as follows:

1. In B. Warnings and Sanctions

  • Addition of a new level of penalty for major infractions: the one-year ban.
  • Addition of "homophobic" to the list of prohibited words.

2. In III.4 Multi-boxing

  • Addition of all PvP activities to the list of those limited to two simultaneous accounts.
  • Addition of a paragraph regulating multi-boxing during low game server traffic hours, which states that multi-boxing is tolerated up to four simultaneous accounts for all activities except PvP during hours when it is a gameplay necessity due to low game server traffic (22:00 UTC-10:00 UTC, i.e. 00:00 CEST-12:00 CEST).
  • Addition of a summary of the rules of multi-boxing:

At times of sufficient game server traffic - 10:00 UTC-22:00 UTC (12:00 CEST-00:00 CEST): multi-boxing limited to 2 simultaneous accounts during PvP, Bosses hunts, Marauder bosses hunts, Storyline scripted events, and tolerated up to 4 simultaneous accounts for other activities

At times of low game server traffic - 22:00 UTC-10:00 UTC (00:00 CEST-12:00 CEST): multi-boxing limited to 2 simultaneous accounts during PvP and tolerated up to 4 simultaneous accounts for other activities

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

Ryzom Team


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