Патч 882

A client, data and server patch and a restart of the game server are performed on Tuesday September 28th 2021 in order to implement the following changes, additions and fixes:

Ryzom database

  • The database of Ryzom is moved to another server. This operation will take some time, thus the patch has an unusually long duration (potentially taking all day).

Kitin's Lair occupations

  • The 4 occupations which gives missives to be executed the Kitin's Lair (Larvester, Medic, Butcher and Scrollmaker) are moved into the Kitin's Lair.
  • Addition of icons on the map to display locations of occupation NPCs.

Marauder mini-camps

  • Addition of 3 Marauder mini-camps to complete the series of 4 scheduled. There is now one mini-camp in each nation.
  • In regions having a mini-camp, the Zinuakeen is moved into the camp.
  • All the mini-camps get stables and a mission giver.
  • Addition of icons on the map to display the location of the mini-camps.

Boss refactoring

  • Boss refactoring entering the second phase: The new boss system is implemented to Primes Roots, and Nexus gets a more normal respawn time for bosses.

The next step will be the generalization of the new system to all of Atys.

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