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If you would like to learn more about Ryzom, then take a look at the areas most appealing to you, which are described in Main portals of the Ryzom Wiki shown here below and elsewhere in this website.

If you would like to help us out, we would be happy to benefit from your talents and skills. Simply study the guide(s) corresponding to your level of accomplishment to get off to a good start. One suggestion we would make first: try to see your helping out as an extension of your Role Playing within the game, itself.

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Main portals of the Ryzom Wiki

Ryzom: The LoreThe Game OOC
Atys: Atys worldFloraFauna
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Encyclopedia: Atys ChroniclesThe Great LibraryMysteries OOC

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Featured Article

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For some years now, some homins had been wondering about strange anomalies encountered after the second Kitins Swarm. Their questions have become more and more numerous and pressing.

But the homins weren't the only ones asking themselves questions, one day this dialogue was perceived... Read more.


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Getting started

  • Writing Guide
  • Take your time, explore and bring your stone to the building !

Templates for Articles to be ratified as in the Lore

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Our website


The Encyclopatys is an independent associative project built by a team of volunteers around the universe of Atys (conceived by Nevrax for its online role-playing game the Saga of Ryzom) and designed to make it live and evolve. Whether you are an active player or not, an old role-playing veteran or an newbie, you can only read articles, comment, fix or take part in the project yourself right now ! Be Bold !

Did you notice, that we have moved and are now hosted at As announced we have merged the old official Lore Wiki with the community created Ryzom Wiki. For you that means that now there is only one wiki to find information on. That should make things easier and also concentrates man(and woman)power on one spot. Feel free to explore and also help expanding the wiki!

-- Yours, The Ryzom Wiki Team

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Game Basics


Inhabitants of Atys

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