We're at the site of the Kami sanctuary currently being built on one of the islands in the north of Liberty Lake. But..., hang on, there's an old Tryker over there who seems to be very unhappy here...

Hello, who are you?

Wirell Aelan, most definitely not at your service.

Oh dear, you don't seem in a very good mood... what's wrong?

It's this building site! Can't they do it on their own land? They've got all the Zorai and Fyros territories to build their bloody sanctuaries on. But no! They have to build them just where I'd decided to spend my holidays!


Yes, holidays! You know, sooner or later, everyone needs to spend a bit of quality time with themselves! Just because we Trykers like to party doesn't mean we don't need to have a rest every now and then! Especially when you get to my age!

Is it the noise that's bothering you?

If only that's all it was! Nope, the excavations, the workers' singing, the shouting, there's no escaping it. You know, we Trykers are a happy people! But still, I'd chosen this little beach to spend a bit of time away from the noise of Fairhaven, to relax, reflect upon my life and all that kind of stuff, and what do you know, two days later this bunch of idiots turns up! Because not happy to just get on with their work, they also talk non-stop about the Kami!

And is that a problem for you?

Well, y'know, I'm a Tryker me! Even if I've got nothing good to say about the Kami, I know that not everyone thinks like me... But what gets me is that they're building their sanctuary... Given the current situation, that's only going to confuse people! As if the Trykers needed that debate to start up again! We haven't a hope in hell of agreeing on a single government as it is, - you know, the federation and all that - if we start bringing up religious questions again as well...

Do you believe in Jena?

Yes! The Karavan's presence reassures me. With them by our side, I know that we don't have much to fear from potential enemies, even if I don't agree with them getting involved in this futile war... And their sanctuaries don't help matters either... But I'll support the Karavan anyway, because those Kami, I tell you, I don't trust them. Don't you think it's a bit dodgy though, that those creatures want so much from us but give nothing in return? Where were they during the Kitin Wars? They come out of nowhere, act like they're our best friends, and then at the first sign of trouble they run off, not to return until they know who's going to win. It's a bit much, don't you think? Of course, we don't really know who the Karavan are either, or what they want, but at least when they say they'll protect us, they protect us. I trust them. And just between you and me, that Jena, she's certainly more attractive than those furballs...

So that's it, is it? You believe in Jena just because she's more attractive!

Now, now, no need to get offended! Y'know, I'm just saying that, but I do believe in Jena really. I respect the fact that she created Atys. When all's said and done, if she's planning on coming here, we'll soon be concentrating on her world. When the Kamists see her pretty little face, and see that she's ten times their size, they're going to be pretty fed up with their non-existent Ma Duk... And then they'll stop building sanctuaries right where decent Trykers are trying to get a bit of rest!

Why don't you go and relax somewhere else?

Oh I see! So you reckon that those who are the most annoyed are the ones who should leave? I mean to say! And where's the freedom in that?! It seems that they're free to build their sanctuary here, so I'm just as free to spend my holidays here if I want! When you get to my age you get stubborn! I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere!... And, despite everything, it's still one of the few places on the whole damn lake that's peaceful and hasn't yet been invaded by those damn cloppers. In any case, instead of backing this kind of building work, Wyler would be better occupied cleaning all the lakes once and for all, so that we can finally move about as we please without always running the risk of losing a leg...


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