Arty Mac Keaggan left his animals at the stable and continued on foot towards the tavern. He had returned with goods from Zorai and had paused in the Tryker capital of Fairhaven on his way. There, he learned many new rumors and wild speculations about who would be the candidates for the upcoming election for governor.

"Hello Naroy" he greeted the barman with a smile.

"Welcome back home" the barman replied. "The usual?"

A small nod from Arty was enough and Naroy Ba'Dardan went to work. Only a little later he placed a fresh beer in front of Arty.

"What news did you bring from the jungle?" Naroy asked, while Arty took a big mouthful of beer. Arty replaced the glass, now half-empty after one sip, wiped the beer-foam from his mouth with his hand, and sighed deeply with content. "There is not much happening in Zorai lately. All is quiet. I was not able to sell all my goods, either".

"The Lakeland, however, are like a bee-hive lately" the friendly barman replied

"Tell me about it?" encouraged the barman to go on. "It seems that the time for the election of a new governor is coming soon. Not only are messengers busy all over the lakelands, but also more and more reporters from other lands are arriving every day."

"Good for your business" Arty said with a grin. "And also for yours" Naroy was also smiling.

After Arty had emptied his glass and received a new one, he was asked by one of the other guests: "You stopped in Fairhaven, didn't you? How are things over in the capital?"

"I can only confirm Naroy's observations. Fairhaven is all busy with the preparations for the upcoming elections for the new governor."

"Any word about who the candidates will be?" "Only rumors so far. It seems certain that Lady Ailan will be a candidate. There's also talk about Shaley Nara and Roggan Adgan running for office. But we will know more after the official presentation of the candidates."

"Hoho", came from a stately bejeweled Fyros, sitting at a table encircled by a group of fawning women. I will simply vote for the prettiest woman for governor and afterwards flutter my eyes at her." He laughed raucously and let a woman feed him some berries.

"But you are not allowed to cast a vote", came from a neighbouring table. "Actually he will be allowed" Arty corrected, " from what I heard from an officer with whom I talked in the Fairhaven tavern, not only will Tryker people by birth be allowed to vote, but also homins of other races, provided they have since become permanent residents of the lakelands."

The discussion about this was short. Soon the talk went on about less serious topics and when someone finally began a funny song, all thoughts about politics moved further into the background.


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