"Well, tomorrow we will finish the stables; we just need a few things from the town." Feier'an said as he placed Feuor in his lap. "You want to come with dad to the town and buy some things; we can even get your mom a new tool? Oh and candy!"

"Yeeey" Feuor replied happily. "Can Nih'na come to? Pleaase, pleaaaase."

"Haha, I guess I can't get out of that one... Yes of course she can. Let's all go together!" Feier'an said and grinned towards the others who silently agreed.

"But not too much candy you two, you hear." Limeh added.

"But moooom..." Feuor said saddened; candy was a favorite treat, after all.

"Don't worry; the moment she looks away we sneak off and ..... Ooouch!" Feier'an didn't have time to finish his sentence before he felt a pain in his arm again.

"I heard that, love." Limeh said with a firm gentle voice.

"Alright, alright I give up, I give up. Surrender!" Feier'an laughed out.

"Yes, let us all travel to the nearby town; it has been ages since we last went there together." Naom'Chi smiled. Chao-Li and Nih'na joined her in agreeing the plan.

They spent the evening sitting beside the stables talking about times past and the fun they had had. The sun moved across the Atys sky, and soon enough it hid behind the mountain tops, allowing the stars to take over raining them with brightness. It was a nice evening, as if it had waited for them to finish so they could just relax a moment. In the raw new building, the Mektoubs added their part with grunts and thumping sounds as they moved around getting accustomed to their dwelling.

"You have done well today dear, and so have you Nih'na." Naom'Chi said as she leaned towards Chao-Li and the side of the stable. Nih'na was lying between them sleeping calmly as she breathed softly into the cool evening air.

Next to them Feier'an sat with Feuor in his lap and Limeh leaning towards his right shoulder. Both were soundly asleep and Feier'an was staring into the sky. They sat there for a moment longer until the breeze became colder before they stood up as gently as they could in order not to awaken the sleeping children. Silently they moved away into the house, only noted by one of the wakeful Mektoubs. They whispered good night before entering the houses and heading for bed.

The morning came early, or so it felt for Chao-Li and Feier'an, but in fact it was most likely due to them working so hard the previous day. Excited about going to the town with the family Feuor came almost running out into the kitchen to have breakfast. He was greeted by Feier'an and Limeh whom had just sat down to start eating. It seemed as everyone was excited this morning as the breakfast didn't take as long to eat as it usually did with Feuor complaining about having to eat vegetables and clear the table. Feier'an looked at his son eating and he smiled on the inside.

As they got outside they were met by Naom'Chi and Nih'na, Chao-Li were already at the stables preparing a packer to carry some of their crafted goods.

"This will certainly be enough to cover the expenses today don't you think Feier'an?" He asked as Feier'an came to the stables.

"Oh, I see that there are some fine things there, perhaps we will even be able to afford a nice dinner while we are at it." He replied with a smile. Could anything be better than this?

Since the town was not actually too far away, it didn't take long to wander there. They did not hurry as the packer was carrying a heavy burden for them. Soon enough the stables and gates of the town appeared in front of them, as both Feuor and Nih'na ran off in advance ignoring their parents' warnings about getting lost. They stopped at the guards by the gate and looked at them in amazement as to how well trained they were, with their bright swords shining in the morning light. Feuor decided there and then that when he grew up he wanted to be a swordsman and a user of daggers. This was his destiny.

Nih'na looked at the guards as she stood beside Feuor; she found them to be impressive, but almost too rough for her liking. She, with her short slim body, was not cut out for the use of swords or pikes. She could probably handle them, but she was not certain if she would be capable of more than scaring off straying animals around their houses. Then she thought about That day.

She and Feuor had sneaked behind the house as she had wanted to show him something. She had been practicing since she had found out how to do. As they stood there she held out her palm and asked Feuor to look at it closely. They sat down on their knees and she closed her eyes and concentrated on a chant she had read in one of her mother's books. As she chanted something started to whirl in her palm, as if it held a small tornado which started to drag small blue sparkles out from thin air into the center forming a small globe. She shut her eyes harder and focused more; - she wanted to really show Feuor. As she opened her eyes she saw a ball rotate in her hand, it was the largest one she had managed to summon yet and it even lit up the face of Feuor as they stared at it in amazement.

"What is it?" He asked as he leaned forward.

He came to close and suddenly the ball made a swift movement and hit him on his nose. He fell backward while shouting "Aaahh".

Nih'na got scared that she had harmed him as she didn't really know what sort of chant it had been. She hadn't looked that closely in the book after reading it. She stood up and ran a few steps to Feuor who was still lying on his back. When she saw his face again she saw that he was smiling.

"Aahh, that felt really good Nih'na, what was it?" He asked her as he opened his eyes and looked at her.

"I don't really know. I read it about seven days ago, I didn't read it till the.... Feuor, your scratch in your face, the one you got when hitting the door..." She said abruptly.

"Yes?" He asked as he touched his tingling cheek.

"It's... gone..." Nih'na said as she stared at his face. The spell had been a healing spell.

"Nih'na, Nih'na!! Let's buy some candy before our mothers arrive." Feuor interrupted her reverie and dragged away to the merchants.

She knew what she wanted to be now; a user of the elemental arts. Both caster and healer, this was her fate.

Nih'na and Feuor found their parents at the stables as they tied the packer, and watered it. Both children were clutching a big bag of flavored Shooki Seeds and chewing without a care in the world.

"Haha, that sure is our kids, isn't that right Chao-Li!" Feier'an said when he saw them coming.

"It sure is" Chao-Li said and smiled.


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