Chronicle extracted from the Notebooks of Wan Fai-Du, in the 4th AC of 2539(JY)

My Master had spent the entire night engrossed with the amber cube of knowledge between his hands, perfectly immobile. Across his mask, images in shadow were marching in disorder, pouring out a stream of knowledge which the Sage struggled to disentangle.

As I entered the room, I moved carefully so that I would not interrupt his work and I slid like a flower on a pond into my seat. His perception of the world which encircled him went well beyond this room, but I knew that he noticed my every movement despite my attempts to not distract him.

The atmosphere was hot and still. The air was so light that breathing was effortless. No noise reached this place from the city. Alone with my Master in his contemplation, I felt the presence of Ma-Duk, which filled the room in which the wise Suffering worked.

After a time, Suffering's laboured and raspy voice dispelled the silence, "They are so few and I cannot manage to compose the collective to know what they say. Wan Fai-Du, what says Zora this morning?"

I composed my sentences slowly and carefully so that I would not upset my Master with too lengthy an answer.

"The Hunters said that a big mask had been seen, some days ago, in the Void region. He did not entrust his name, but he will walk towards the Cities of Intuition soon, because, he said, 'Zoraï must now be guided towards the place which is theirs to fulfill the designs of Ma-Duk.'"

After a short silence, I dared to question, "Who is he, Master?"

The Sage said nothing, but again immersed himself in his contemplation of the amber. A moment later, a shiver ran through him, as though a chill had entered the room, one that I did not feel.

"The autumn approaches," he concluded.


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