Bremmen was sweating abundantly. The Matis put his sword under Bremmens chin, and asked him if he had any last words. The Tryker looked at him, his knees going soft, when suddenly the Matis fell.

The Corsairs charged them from behind. Bremmen didn't think twice and ran toward his friends. One of the Matis began to cast a spell, but he was too late: the warriors were already on them. The Matis were caught unprepared, and a few minutes later, they had all fallen. Bremmen looked at them and said: "You see, I'm not a liar, there are Matis lying here..." Some Corsairs looted the homins, and Bremmen gave them a hand.

"Why are we looting them?"
"That's our reward."
"But... ok."

He didn't ask for more information, he sensed he wouldn't get an answer... He decided to ask Codgan Ba'Nakry later on.

The Corsairs went back to the camp weighed down with their loot. On the way home Bremmen tried to understand the reasons why the Corsairs decided to attack the Matis in such haste without knowing what was happening to him. It was explained that they didn't really need a reason: the Matis were there, and made a good target to pillage since they generally are well equipped and carry many goods and dappers. He didn't ask for more information.

Once back in the camp, he bowed to Codgan, and began to speak to him.

"Hello Codgan."
"Greetings, young Corsair!"
"Our mission has been..."
"I'm already aware of what happened. Go straight to your questions, I suppose you have a lot."
"Well I've been told that we had no reason to attack the Matis, other than pillaging them?"
"Yes, but they are enemies above all."
"Why are they enemies? Matis and Trykers are supposed to be united."
"Yes, but all Matis aren't allied to Trykers"
"And those weren't?"
"You'd better assume they weren't if you want to avoid any guilt..." he replied with a smile.
"Sure. But if we were wrong... Maybe the Federation would be angry at us..."
"The Federation? No, they wouldn't. They appreciate our services, and even pay us for it. And remember that the Governor Still Wyler was our chief before me."
"I have been told about that. But why did he leave?"
"Because he had higher goal. And he achieved it. He was elected to replace Beadley Nimby in 2508. Moreover, many young Trykers join us when they're young. But as years pass on, they become less and less fiery... so less and less useful to us as well."
"But one thing is strange. You told me the Federation was paying us for our services... But... They believe in Jena, and we..."
"We are loyal partisans, and play a preponderant role in warfare. Isn't it enough? And well... many Trykers do not understand they shouldn't trust the Karavan. Kamis are our friends of nature, but we cannot force our brothers to believe in them. Let's wait until they realize it themselves."

Codgan's speech was wise, and Bremmen's heart was touched. He understood all that his father told him about the Corsairs, all what he could learn from them. And in return, he kneeled and pledged allegiance to the Corsairs. The tribe chief smiled.

"Please rise. You already are one of us, Bremmen."

He was welcomed into the group and was shown to a tent he would share with two others. His new home; his new family. A few minutes later, he saw a young Tryker speaking with Codgan Be'Yle. Shortly after, the young Tryker was swimming to the Winds of Muse... and choking every hundred of metres. Bremmen laughed, and found himself something to do to help the Corsairs.


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