A certain document has come into the hands of our social reporter today, purporting to be the social dairy of the Lady Chiabre of the Matis court. Whether this is genuine or not, we will leave you to judge...

Off to the Palace today for a state banquet. I was exceedingly nice to Rodi di Varello, who I was seated next to - I can't help but think he would make a perfect husband for my little Rosino when she gets over her schoolgirl crush on that unspeakable Ranger person.

The di Varellos are an old family and she would have dappers to meet her every desire...not to mention the status. I must hold a party soon and invite some desirable parties for her to meet. I am sure that if she got out more, that déclassé ranger would be history!

And talking of the Rangers, I have no idea what Orphie Dradius thinks she looks like in that outfit of hers, it reminds me of a peeled psykopla. Now that she is out of active duty, she could at least have the good sense of dressing in something more flattering. But what can you expect of a Fyros woman!

Yesterday I spotted toadface Bebi Cuirinia slinking off in a corner with one of the rangers, that Melga Folgore! He who thinks he is Jena's gift to females. He is always traveling around talking to all sorts of people. I cannot begin to think what dealings he has with the Royal Embalmer. Maybe he has plans for his own funeral and wants to have her touch up his ugly mug. Well, to be honest I can't see her outlive him, she looks like she is about to have her seed fail any day.

Poor little StilWyler. You would have thought with all those people there, someone could have done something. But no - not only did they let the assassin get away, but they were unable to save his life seed. Hope Ulyros is up to the job of unmasking the killer...

Can only look on the bright side, maybe the next Tryker Leader will have a tad more uh "je ne sais quoi" Some decent decorum and sense of protocol would definitely not go amiss is the Lakelands. Black is however always becoming to one....

Xalis, now there is a man that has his uses, in so many ways. Even though Matis males are superior of course, he has a kind of rugged charm that intrigues me. If he can serve my purpose as well, it looks like we are going to have a prosperous relationship. I will have to take precautions to make sure he is not double crossing me, however. My maid Cinni will have to apply her special talents to check a few things.

There is a spreading fashion at court I really can't bear to see. Some people have no shame what so ever and dress up in those dreadful tryker outfits that shows so much bare skin you can hardly call it dressed at all! The latest victim of this misguided sense of the appropriate was one of the Queens new maids. The Queen was of course furious and the silly maid was promptly dismissed. But it shows that we need to carefully nourish the Matis virtues and it makes me even more steadfast in my beliefs that the old ways are the best!

Queen Lea, of course, there is a Lady who knows how to dress. She always looks such a picture and is the perfect consort for our handsome and elegant king. I wonder when we will see some more additions to the royal family? It's certainly been a long time since the last one. She was actually looking a little plump the other week, but I expect that is just overeating, these Royal banquets play havoc with one's diet. - all those rich foods..

Oh well, time to prepare for the Zorai ambassador's ball tonight, let's hope they cut the pre - food meditations a bit shorter this time - 35 minutes is rather too long in my opinion...


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