"Hi Arty! When did you get back? Already tired of Avendale? So where did your business take you this time?"

"Hello, Naroy Ba'Dardan! Give me a drink first, at least. I'll tell you everything as soon as my thirst is quenched."

"The usual? A house beer?"

"You know me! Your beer is always cold and light. It's the only thing I could think of since getting back from Zora."

"So, what's the news from that place?"

"There are still kamists at work all around Zora. I had picked up my animals from the stable and I was leaving Zora by the Goo Chase district gate. In the plain right outside of town, I took a little detour to see if the Kami fanatics were still there. I could hardly believe my eyes!"

"Really? What were they doing, Arty? Still praying to Ma-Duk?"

"Ha! Since I last saw them, the Kamists had lighted huge torches and set up a stable and corral for mektoub, as well as a wooden building of a kind I had never seen! There were several men taking turns speaking with the grand Zoraï. I was intrigued by the new building and I wanted to go pump him for information.

"Did he tell you anything?"

"He said to me, "I am the Kamis Representative," and he started giving me his memorized spiel. With all his tirades of "The Karavan are going to attack our followers!" and "Have faith in the Kamis," he gave me a headache. But in between all his rhetoric, I gathered that the structure I had seen was going to be a Ma-Duk Sanctuary, when the kamist followers had finished putting it all together. Can you imagine that, Naroy? They are building a house of Ma-Duk! Some news, huh?"

"No kidding! Still, it would be bigger news if a Kami came and tried to stop me from selling my beer!"

"You're right. And the worst of all would be if a Karavan came along and tried to keep us from talking. Hey, how about another round."


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