"It is strange, really..."


"This violent attack... why do these primitives take so many risks to come here? And how could the Karavan warn us of their approach?"

"Pooh! You know that they had to pass through the Prime Roots, so the Karavan could see them, and since the Matis are our allies and draw on the treaties, we have no choice!"

Fairhaven found the preparations difficult. There were too many misunderstandings about this unwanted war. It would be short, surely, just an anger to be subjugated and tranquilized, but what had happened exactly?

"They appealed to the Matis also, giving the impression that all this is happening just to bring us closer!"

"Rah! Hush up you! Look to your weapons, they are blunt! Do you want to come back in one piece or not?!"

The debates had lasted for two long days without anyone knowing exactly what was going on. When a decision was reached at last, we chose an emissary to travel to Yrkanis. No-one was really surprised by this 'happy alliance', or at least, like me, no-one dared to ask questions. Time has passed since our people freed themselves from the Matis, but our history remains stained by them.

Nevertheless, when the need arises, one should not refuse help, undesirable as that help might be.


"Master? I received some strange information from the lands to the south. The Goo is surely spreading!"

"We know. They informed us and will speak to us very soon. Prepare your weapons, our curse begins again."

"Forgive me, but I am not sure I understand..."

"Understanding will be subsequent, nothing serious. Dispatch a messenger to Pyr. The recent agreements require implementation."

"Very well, Master."

As I bowed and left the residence of the elder, I found myself lost in my thoughts. All around me, the young were already shouting for battle but no one really knew against what. It seemed impossible to imagine the Goo encroaching on our lands. Who had informed the Sages? The Grand Kami? If that was the case, the evil is very great... let us hope that we can repair our errors.


"Fu Jih-Ko! I need your help..."

"What with?"

"Stay with the young ones as they prepare for battle..."

"So it remains unavoidable?"

"I still do not know. Excuse me, the time is pressing and my way is long."

"Where do you go?"

"To Pyr..."

No answer came, other than perhaps a greater fear. I understand that if indeed such an alliance becomes mandatory, the outcome could be lucky. We walk towards a new time together in which we shall build... but, perhaps it is still too early...


Who are they? Why must one run towards destiny without understanding? Zoraï or Tryker, Fyros or Matis: even with so much hatred between them, they face a similar battle. Where does the blame lie? Is it in anger or even in illness? Who created this conflict? Is there any hope for those who want such conflict?

Alliances can be powerful, striking at evil without understanding where the evil truly lies, but this is much more than the conflict between Homins; it is the conflict between those they respect and fear, the Kami and the Karavan. One must surrender the mind to follow the Powers in faith without questioning. In such comfort, someone else is always bad and fault is deferred. The Karavan are responsible for the appearance of the Goo, the same Goo which has poisoned Atys in these times, but the Kami in their anger push the primitives to take revenge on Homins. Who can be believed? Is this a simple quarrel between them or is conflict their true wish for Atys?

Days passed without explanation, each side blaming the other. After many fierce battles, the Homins found their way to the Prime Roots. Sap spread among the shouting and pain, but in the hours that passed, a common ground was found. Although the Karavan and the Kami were both present, this battle being much more theirs than ours, it was we who fought to the end.

In the end, all were slaughtered, whoever they were. Whether primitive tribes or tribes corrupted by Goo, our blades and sap descended on them without remorse. Enemies? Perhaps. Who knows?

However, on this day, Fyros, Trykers, Matis or Zoraï, all fought back to back, aided at times by cries of hatred against a common foe.

Losses were heavy but the Goo was stopped, allowing Atys to return to its repose. Although none would say it, it was accepted that the alliance of the Zoraï and the Fyros was the more valorous, and the Kami came to thank them. Disappointment and resentment washed through the Tryker and the Matis, however, for although they fought well, after the battle, the Karavan left without even a thank you.

Some days later on Atys, in fear of the future, lines take shape, even if Homins do not desire it. The ancient quarrels resume with the days of peace upon us.


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