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was thinking of having an Buy Back option where if u sold something by mistake you could buy it back. Or having a lock on an item where you can't delete/sell it by mistake.Ehh ehh?

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+1 for "Don't sell" lock. Would prevent the item from even showing on the sales page.

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+1 for "Don't sell" lock. Would prevent the item from even showing on the sales page.

I think that could cause glitches in items that are currently untradeable.

I think the best option would be to be able to buy evrything back from vendor untill the sel/buy window is closed. Like many other games have it. Till you close the window it's there once you close it's gone.

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This has been an issue since the game began. That tells me that while there might be "simple" ways to fix this as suggested here, implementing them likely requires a fair bit of coding.

There is a simple work around which I use EVERY time I sell: Move everything I want to keep out of my bag (wear it or put it on a packer) and I ONLY sell out of my bag, NEVER off a packer.

Having said that, it "should be" relatively easy to give sellable items a check box (like are used for chat tabs) that flags the item unsellable just as mission items are. Of course, it is relatively easy to walk to the top of Everest compared to walking to the Moon. ;)


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Well I have never seen this as a issue until today!! As I sold the boosted focus jewels I had just crafted for Gorran. So +100 in my book


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Some other games handle it fairly well: you speak to a vendor to select items that will not be sold. Those items then do not show up in the vendor window (at any vendor). You speak to a vendor again to select or deselect items for sale.

There are a couple examples already of items that can't be sold:

- Cats show up in the vendor window, but can't be sold
- Mission mats don't show up in the vendor window, can't be sold, and also can't be traded

They could each use different mechanisms to implement "no selling", but precedent is there, and additional support would be a fairly quick job; the logic is very straight-forward. It would basically just be busywork, more than anything else. The complexity would depend on whether you convert cases like cats and mission mats to use the new support functionality or not -- mass changes on production databases are never fun.

People have been asking for it for a while, it's a fairly simple (as opposed to complex) task, so maybe there's a chance we'll see it implemented?

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I too endorse the sales lock functionality. I would like to see it implemented with maybe a checkbox at the merchant window and also toggleable via the right click menu in the inventory. Right now, when you right click a craft material, you get "destroy" and "info". When you right click gear, you get "destroy", "equip", and "info". Maybe they could add "Lock" or something similar to that menu. When you select it, it adds a small "padlock" to one of the corners of the icon, or in the middle of the icon or a shadow of a padlock over the icon or something.

Buy back wouldn't hurt either. I'd take either one or both.

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Your not a vet til you've sold your amps :)


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:) yep i think it's pretty fair right now atleast everyone sells some brand new maga amps at on point in time giving us an checkbox to make stuff unsellable would just split the server in half => the ones that once or more sold their nice amps and those that will never do it because of the new option => maybe we will see guilds based on this and even op wars and stuff :p

nah +1 from me aswell I have sold to much stuff in the past because of this


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thought I had accidentally sold my helmet for a bit today (found it on a packer) so +1 from me as well

*goes to cleave Sub since I havent sold my amps, then realises I sold my axe*

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I said at one point in time, so still gonna happen :p


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