Should aggressive NPCs be attackable?
Yes, all the time 16 (1)
Yes, but only once they have engaged a player 11 (4)
No 3
Other 0
Abstain 3

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Specifically, the guards at faction temples will attack and kill you, but you cannot target them. This is a huge break of immersion and logic. Make them have uber abilities/armor/weapons/regen whatever...but to make them unattackable when they are hitting you is ridiculous.

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In fact, make them as strong/resilient as the guards at the Kitin Lair. If it takes 5 minutes or longer for Terminator Kipucka to kill a guard, that's probably a good enough strength for temple guards.

But I think the second option, they become attackable only when they attack you (not your teammates), would help preserve the immersion. After all, they would logically be the best of the best at the Temples, so they shouldn't be subject to being farmed, even if they offer no experience or loot =)

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Having been dragged into teams grinding fame on temple guards in the past I like that they are no longer attackable. Saves a ton of wear on my gear.


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Temple guards used to be attackable, that is how i did my fame. It would be nice to have a fighting way to get your fame up again.

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maybe also cityguards? i hate it when they just kill me and i even can't hurt them back hehe

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maybe also cityguards? i hate it when they just kill me and i even can't hurt them back hehe
That wouldn't be a very good idea because then I might accidentally attack a guard. I've almost done that before, but thankfully they are not attackable.


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There used to be a time where city guards were attackable, too. I remember I hit a Min-Cho guard once, and all his friends started to chase me. I know that was a bug involved, but if I recall correctly it was related to a wrong maximum fame setting based on Tryker citizenship that pushed my Zorai fame below -50.


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I am all for making city guards attackable. Like a real city, you just have to watch where you are throwing your bunches when cops are around (if you dont want to hit them). Likewise, it is a bit silly that someone can have -x Civ Fame and not be attackable on sight with the respective guards...and if someone is attacking me, win or loose, I am asking to be able to hit them back.

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Sure whould make fighting in a city much more interesting (and realistic) if you have to watch your "tab targetting" and splash damage. Isn't that the point of city guards, to keep the peace?

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and if someone is attacking me, win or loose, I am asking to be able to hit them back.

This is what it boils down to. If someone can attack me, I should be able to attack in response. Period.

It doesn't mean I have to win, or even have a chance of winning.
It doesn't mean I have to be able to initiate the attack, though that would be ideal if we want to keep things believable. It would also be easier than trying to work out who can and can't hit particular NPCs based on group aggro mechanics.

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if people think it's a bad idea because they maybe gonna attack one, you could also only make them attackable when you're at -50, not as fun as when they're always attackable, but that's fine for me too hehe

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