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I have been playing for about a month on my MAC. I have experienced intermittent crashes but have normally been able to log in until last night (30/9). I tried several times to log in and got as far as ,the ring that completes then you enter the game, only i didn't. Each time the game crashed and presented me with the option to send a fault report to apple, so i created a new character to see if it would load and it did !
I played for a while then tried to play with my original character but it still crashed so i deleted the new character and tried again and again but i still can't play. Its now the next day and i still cant enter the game.
I have applied all the fixes posted in the forums about a week before.
So what now, i have the fault report saved how do i upload it.

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Where did u log out (last time before u got stuck)? Ive gotten some problems earlier logging in when I logged out last time in PR.

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Near GH, but after posting this i tried again and (fingers crossed WHILST touching wood) it logged in and seems ok ??

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fingers crossed WHILST touching wood

Well known fix for a lot of problems ;)

Do you have sound turned off? You can email your crash log to attn. me, please make sure to repeat the problem in the email.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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Hi Sywindt just emailed crash report and copy original post.

Wing and a prayer and give it a smack were next on the list !

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I have the same problem... Can log in with a new avatar in the same account, but not with the old one... dont know what to do... always sending the reports to support and nothing :(

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Have a look at this thread Mac Crash at Login
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