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a little tired of getting DPs because of crashes. Would be nice to know if devs are working on this, so that when the sub is going to expire, I can choose if do it or not...


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I don't mean to come across as accusatory, but this thread, as it is now, isn't very likely to garner any useful response. :)

For starters, you haven't been very clear about the extent of the problem - of course, the problems with Mac crashes caused by microveg are known, as are the problems regarding water. But you haven't said whether or not you've applied the fixes for the aforementioned, and if so whether or not that fixes the problem/which problems are or aren't fixed (of course the fixes are more workarounds, so it'd be reasonable to complain even if they did work for you - having to play without any microveg and shiny water shader is still a problem the devs should fix); so there's no way for readers to know which problem(s) you're concerned about. No-one, not even the devs, can say whether a fix is forthcoming if they don't know which problem is in question - hell, there might even be more crashing issues which are affecting you but that haven't been reported yet.

That said, I think the wording of your question is also a bit off. :) Given that the devs spent months working on native clients for two OSes which have long been completely pushed out of the games market altogether, without any apparent special motivation other than a slight increase in Mac/Linux players subbing, and improving the overall quality of Ryzom; I think it's unlikely that they'd now say "Well, ok, done that, now we'll dump the project and get back to Windows". Asking, however, if the devs are close to a solution, how long they expect to need to get a solution working and released, or if they have any temporary advice to ease the pain for Mac users, would be very reasonable. :)

Good evening!

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I would like to point you to since Mac and Linux clients are in beta stage and support is given there.

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Hi Ikarra,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems. Have you looked at this topic to see if any of the solutions presented there work for you?

If they haven't worked for you, can you please specify what problems you are experiencing?


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ty for replying. Sorry for had been short on words, I was very pissed off. Ok ty syw for the link, yes I did some months ago turned micro veg off. I really don't know how I could give more details thou, as I simply get crashes every now and then. Sometimes doesn't happen for a week, more often 2 or 3 times per day. Would it be useful if I paste the crash message?

thanks a lot

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I haven't had a crash since I turned off my sound under the config menu. You could try that and see if it fixes your problem.


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I too have not had issues.

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Hi Ikarra,

Did you try turning off sound and the other 3 settings?
DisableVtxProgram = 1;
DisableVtxAGP = 1;
DisableTextureShdr = 1;
See if that gives you relief. If not, then yes, please post your crash log (link to file share site preferred).


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My mac keeps freezing after i pick a character and it is loading, it goes all the way and then sits there and wont let me do anything. Can someone list actual steps to take to correct these bugs because i dont know how to find the micro veg or the game settings to change it to landscape either. Please help.
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