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It would be nice to be able to change the team's leader (and secondary?) without remaking the team.
I'm thinking either a command such as /changeleader or /changesecond, or an option on the right-click menu.
This should only be able to be done by the current leader, of course.

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Since only the team leader can invite into the team, and the team leader sometimes does need to go AFK while organizing things, this is a great idea to prevent holding up the preparations. Don't trust someone to invite the right people, don't make that person lead. Don't trust anyone to do this, don't make anyone lead.

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+1 but make sure there is a warning like "Are you sure you want to set "name" as team leader?"
Sorry I'm paranoid about these warning boxes ever since I was an idiot and made some random person guild leader by accident :p


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Another that has been suggested umteen billion times yet still illudes us.


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Yep maybe Soon(tm) really can be soon for this overdue patch.-Kil


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In the early days of ryzom it was a command for this: /changeleader [charactername]
Id guess it went away around the same time as the pizza-order command..

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Changing successor is scheduled for next patch. Changing leader is being investigated.

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You can now set leader and successor manually
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