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A guild leader, or HO chooses the option "set rank as (insert rank here)"

It would save a lot of trouble from accidentally setting a rank to sombeody and then having to undo it or accidentally making some random inactive person as guild leader. Sometimes the mouse moves a bit from what is actually wanted to click and you click the incorrect button.

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Yes. For "Leave Guild" too - I used to have nightmares about misclicking that one, especially as GL. >.<

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. (because I'm persistent like that)

Confirmation dialog boxes ftw!


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Confirmation dialog for setting GL is scheduled for next patch.

Nysha: Leave guild already has a confirmation dialog.

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Thankyou. Luckily my nightmare never came true so I've not seen the Leave Guild confirmation. ;)

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Hooray thanks (: Now I shall be able to stop fearing doing that again :/ I was so scared when it happened lol


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