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That's right folks The sanctuary is back in business :)

faction alignment= Kami
Civilization allegiance= neutral but based in the desert (pyr) this may change due to active guildies wishes

Some brief guild history
The guild was started by myself and Ryz many years ago and grew into a well known (and i hope respected) guild supporting the kami faction and also taking a active role in all aspects of game play available in ryzom.
We concentrated in playing together as a guild to achieve the best game experience for all involved, be that digging in the dirt to raise our craft skills or to be out hunting boss creatures that are holding those shiny shiny mats. And even pvp events such as outpost battles and player organised events (bring them back please someone)
This will continue to be the Ethos of the guild, my aim is to start from scratch as most the old guild members no longer play the game sadly but this also offers a opportunity to new to the game players as there will be positions of responsibility open to the most promising recruits.

I play euro zone hours (evenings weekdays and anytime weekends) So anyone interested would ideally need to be in that time zone.
that way i can offer assistance and mentor duties to our most wonder full complex game we call ryzom.

those interested send me a /tell theharvester in game


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Welcome back! :D

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Yep welcome back on atys


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Welcome back


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Good to see The Sanctuary active again. I hope you grow rapidly.-Kil


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Grats Harve! ... v2.0 with upgrades. :))

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thanks for the warm welcomes :)

loupi log in sometime i am online !!!! we need to chat :P

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Aye! If I'm not about can speak to wife. She knows the deal. :)

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I want to thank you for all your help in getting accustomed to the game. You will be missed in Knights Levier but we wish you well. Looking forward to further adventures together. Tell Jaim I said hi. :)

Your comrade in Arms,


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Yes indeed Keyif. Welcome back Sanctuary!

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Welcome back to Atys, The Sanctuary ! :D


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my slow but sure recruitment tactic seems to have worked lol
sanctuary is now 5 active members strong two oldies have joined
trixie and loupi
and two new players Heulwen and Murp
thanks for joining sanctuary guys :)

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And me too. do I count? :D

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lol no renn u never login :P

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Harv you need to go find Ryz and drag him back from what ever mmo he is lost in these days....
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