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Now that the campfire mechanics is already ingame, I think it'd be cool if the whole thing was copy-pasted to a second object we could create, namely a crate. And then with the addition that we can put a single object in this crate, and whoever destroys the crate receives the object.

Why? Well, it'd be a very small thing to add and think of the extra possibilities it would offer to player events! It would allow us to create scavenger hunts, it would allow the evil boss character to 'drop' a reward when defeated, and it would allow the Ryzom community as a whole to have a permanent Atys geocaching event going on, where people leave funny little items for others to find in remote areas.

Ofcourse, just like campfires, every player would only be able to have one up at a time, and it would take a few mats to make, to prevent flooding the world in crates.

The extra player-made content this could add to Atys would be huge relative to how little a thing this would be to add, I think.

#2 [en] 

Certainty of drama, *small* chance of implementation... What are we waiting for?!?! I'm in!


Noble Jayce
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#3 [en] 

Great idea i can already see some player made events where ppl have to search something. About the drama i guess that can happen but who would put something expencive in a crate for all to take just put some piece of low armor in with a text the one who can show you it gets the real price.


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great idea, I like it! (great for making contests)

#5 [en] 

Indeed Subo, since we already have writing on objects, the ability to leave notes in crates would already be there too.

Some other thoughts; it'd be nice if the crate creator could see when the crate was opened (and maybe by who) without having to go check on the crate. And maybe if they could see what was in the crate too. And some security against making a new crate while you still have one up would also be nice.

None of that is really necessary though.

#6 [en] 

I see whomever sold Jay his rose-tinted glasses this week was colourblind.

Awesome idea. It's one of my favourite Ring mechanics. ;)
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