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My guild has made the shift and are trying to use the built in forums for guild organization. We would like a way to better organize our information and feel that the ability to have layers of forums would be one way to do this.

To illustrate:

Forum: Lore (For discussion of Lore)
|__Forum: Kami (For all Kami Lore)
|    |__Forum: Zorai (For Discussion of Kami/Zorai Lore and issues)
|    |__Forum: Tryker (For Discussion of Kami/Tryker)
|__Forum: Flora/Fauna (For discussion and recording observations of Plants and Animals of Atys)
     |__Forum: Flora (For Discussion of Atys Plants)
     |   |__Forum: Official (Plants with Known Names)
     |   |__Forum: Unofficial (Findings of New Plants (like uninteractive ones))
     |__Forum: Fauna (For Discussion of Atys Wildlife)

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A really easy way to impliment this would be to allow us to "move" forums in the same manner of posts.
Check the forum header, Select "move", and then choose the forum you wish to move it into.


+1 we aswell use only our ingame forums and don't have a website and sub forums would help alot in organizing them



Moved to correct forum


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-1 because Subo said +1....
Just kidding i love the idea!





+1 Great idea imo.


yes, good idea :) + 0.9999


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thx, works great


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