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Dear Players,

We are in the middle of the summer holidays and we want to take advantage of this moment to review Ryzom and its future development: What are we working on? What are we planning for the coming months?

The next months on Ryzom will be full of surprises. Episode 3 of the Saga, which will run at least an entire year, just started including the resurgence of Marauders and an alarming increase of Kitin activity. But this roleplay revival is not the only surprise that we have in store for you. This coming year will also see gameplay and dev additions, integrated as the Saga progresses:
  • Marauder city;
  • New PVP zone;
  • Faction events based on the Temple War;
  • Kitins and Marauders invasions;
  • Arrival of Gooified mobs and dynamic progression of the Goo;
  • Development of Encyclopedia v2.
Those additions, some of which have been asked for a long time, are already planned and will be developed and implemented over the coming months.

Continue to let us know your wishes on the Ideas for Ryzom forum and don't hesitate to spread the news. Showing us your love of Ryzom is our great source of motivation.

Ryzom Team


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Ok, so this thread is 5 months old, have these things, or are they going to be implemented on the Aripostle server too? They are all excellent Ideas we are eagerly awaiting!

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these announcements reminds me of those
Ghost Shows.. They swear are real.. say they
have seen them.. and at the end of the show
you feel like you wasted precious seconds of
your life just watching it..

call me skeptic :)


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We did have the marauder invasions but they stopped :(
we have some small kitin 'invasions' => kitin ambassadors
we also have goo mobs for title addicted homins to kill

we did get a screenie of the new chat bubbles for the webig based quests so we know they are working on new quests, encyclopedia2?

but on the rest i'm waiting

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My guess is that they started the work and began preliminary roll outs, but now things are delayed. Such occurrences are common in the world of software development, but a status update report would be very welcome. :)

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Looking forward to more development :)



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Everyone is...

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I'd rather they fix the timetick bug first...


Meagy :)
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It would just be nice if the developers gave us honest updates, we don't mind if things are delayed we just need to be told...

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Yup ^^ i'am waiting for that marauder city for 6 months.... Can't wait can't wait for new patch i hope there Will be some Nice changes this time :D
I was maybe thinking you could make THE marauder city PvP only homins that aren't scared Will enter our city hehe

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I won't be holding my breath.

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well the dramatic prgression of the goo has started it can be found right up to the hill were dolak spawns near kami tp in void

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well the dramatic prgression of the goo has started it can be found right up to the hill were dolak spawns near kami tp in void

I'm not sure if "progression" is the right therm in this case. Goo damage areas moved after server crash during OP battle event. Then, just few days later, Goo areas were moved back to previous positions. Now, Goo areas moved again, and as some ppl said, there was server crash again, so there is definitely something weird about it :)


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Lets hope the Goo hasn't spread to the server room :รพ

I can confirm the server went down as my custom channel vanished.


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16/08/2011 - Future development projects
=> this thread is now 1 year old - 1week

would be great to get another update on the state of these (and some events how small they can be would be verry welcome)

I did find this
=> some great ideas on there (scroll down to game functionality), and I'm sure that ppl who posted some of those ideas would be happy to know they actually plan on developing them, but are any of them actually picked up for developing?

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