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I know I am not the only one who checks my ingame mail and forums from my phone (mainly from work) is there someway of setting these up to send an actual email when someone sends you a message or posts on a thread you're watching? Would make communicating with me out of the game just that much easier.

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oh that would be awesome!


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Could possibly be realized by an app that uses push-notification or polls every 15 minutes for news via an API to bypass the regular webpages and request pure, compact information. Saves bandwidth on these devices.
But i beg you to omit any ideas to make that app put signatures like "Sent with my iPhone 5 XS 5G 16TB. Im a real poser nerd pr*ck blah." into every post. ^^

Such an app will at least easily be written for Android.
Apple has multiple rigid restrictions, and offering an app isn't free, AFAIK.
Maybe that's not an approach that will be spent time on in the next few months.
So I'll just post this as an idea (belonging to this context), not as a real alternative to the email notification mentioned above.

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I would rather an app but I figured an email notification is easier therefore maybe more likely to happen.


That would be great. Some forums offer the option to receive notifications by mail if, for example, you receive a private message or if you enable it to notice you when a subject you're "watching" gets answered.


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It'd be awesome, but it doesn't appear to be available through the ryzom api, at least not that I can find poking around anyway...

However, look at the code for the forums pages, there is an RSS feed, so in theory it is completely doable.



Well I was talking of regular phpBB or phpBB2 forums... not the API forums, obviously.


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