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Dear Taliari,

I am but a humble visitor to your fine city. Dwelling in the hot, dry desert, it is with joy that I make my periodic visits to Fairhaven, and whenever I must depart, I always look forward to my eventual return. I like to think of Fairhaven as a home away from home, of sorts, and often wish circumstances would allow me to relocate to the lakes.

Each time I travel to Fairhaven I always stop in at the stables, to recuperate and catch up on the latest gossip, before attending to my business in town. You see, I am a purveyor of exquisitely-crafted jewelery and several of your citizens express joy and gratitude whenever I complete an order (OOC: Tryker fame 46, almost exclusively due to jewelcrafting missions). It is a task that requires a keen eye and delicate touch, as the valuable ambers may shatter if not cut just right.

Recently, the quality of my work has been improving, and I attribute this in no small part to your thoughtful citizens providing a warm and welcoming campfire at the stables. Initially an oddity, yet welcomed to one fresh from the hot desert arriving in the cooler lakelands temperatures, it has become part of the experience I seek when I travel to your city now. A small crowd of both visitors and citizens alike is often gathered around the campfire sharing tales of their travels or just stories from the city without concern of status, race, or creed. I am able to rest my weary body and warm my hands before beginning the delicate task of crafting jewelery.

I have spoken with Master O'Cauty Eoppie of the Fairhaven Stables who watches over the numerous Mektoubs, and he said I am not alone in my gratitude; many others have echoed those same words. He further assured me that even when the citizens retire for the evening, he watches over the campfires to ensure safety for all and a warm welcome for any late-night visitors. He confided in me that he, too, appreciates the warmth of the campfire on those very chilly nights, and will often bring out the Mektoubs so they can warm their trunks when the temperatures dip too low. A homin with such love and devotion to his charges is rare to find, and yet he is among the many examples of the outstanding citizens of Fairhaven.

I have not had the ability to properly thank those responsible for the campfires, as there are so many who thoughtfully tend them, so I am writing to you, asking you to convey the appreciation of a visitor to your city for the campfires that greet the weary traveler.

Sincerely yours,
A weary desert traveler
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