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I am a Tryker Citizen, Tryker Guardian and Tryker Taliar. When I proceed to select any of these "Tryker" titles, I do not get a selection and get the following error in System Info: EluaParseError: [string "...."]:65: 'then' expected near '&' . I have checked with other "Tryker" players and they do have access to their "Tryker" titles. The only option s available is the link to go "Back" and "Refresh." I have selected another title to see if that would clear it up and it did not work. I also tried "Refresh" and it only brought me back to the Identity Info window.

I just hope I am not asked to show citizenship during this time ;)


Peace, Luv & Cookies,


I can not set the title.
I get this error message.
EluaExecuteError:[string"....."]:56:attempt to call method 'beginElement' (a nil value)

When I login, I get a window that is empty.
At the edge of the window is "please wait", but it did not happen.


Hi folks,

Your titles should work correctly now. Please confirm.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr


Yes, it is now working correctly.



Peace, Luv & Cookies,


No, for me it's not yet.
Now have a new error message

EluaExecuteError:[string"--Display..."]:13: attempt to call method 'beginElement'(a nil value)


Elawaria, are you on Windows, Linux or Mac? Are you using the latest Ryzom client (version 1.12.1)? You can see which version you are running duing the loading screen, top right.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr


I have version FV1.10.2 . I have a Ubuntu Linux machine.

I get my packages from this page:

The latest packages are from 6 weeks

Where can I get the latest Ubuntu packages for Linux?


Elawaria: You can download ryzom from its homepage. I don't know that launchpad package, but if it's like the official downloadable package, you can - inside a terminal window - simply "cd" into the location (e.g. "cd /opt/ryzom") and then run ryzom's update script ("./ryzom_update.sh"). It uses an rsync command to sync over the latest changes - only the differences are transferred, so the update process is very efficient.


Have now to date and functioning

Thank you very much. :)
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