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Aeden Artisans is looking for new members! We welcome homins of all races and of all degrees of playing experience. If you are new to Atys, we will provide you with gear, show you the best places to hunt and trek you to the different continents.

We also have fun! We hunt together, kill bosses, and help each other forage supreme materials in the Prime Roots. We enjoy each other’s company, both in guild chat and on our Ventrilo server.

We are are a Karavan guild, and a member of the Karavan Alliance; as such we support our fellow Karavan guilds in the PvP battles for outposts. Attendance is strongly encouraged, but not required. Our home is in Aeden Aqueous, land of the Trykers, also known as the Lakelands. We are a true Tryker guild (though again, we invite homins of all races) in that we reflect the Tryker values of “Freedom, equality, sharing.” You’ll be free to explore Atys and play how you’d like - either soloing or in teams, you’ll be part of a guild that respects and values all its members, and you’ll enjoy a true sharing community in which we’ll share our knowledge and love of this wonderful planet of Atys.

You can find out more about Aeden Artisans and see some of our resources at our website:

Send any of the below a /tell to find out more about the guild!

Leader and High Officers
Hechicera, Aruchima, Atheamas, Beeficus, iliana, Crailus, Drekai, Entendu, Foxykitten, Goldcrest, Hekla, Mashnee, Soloreaper, Utai and Zeezee

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yay! \o/ Hechi and AA!!

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Congrats on grabbing Giz :)

Hope you'll enjoy your stay over there mate.


"It's shite being tryker! We're the lowest of the low. The scum of Atys! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some people hate the Matis. I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by wankers. Can't even find a decent culture to be colonized BY. We're ruled by effete arseholes. It's a shite state of affairs to be in, Marceline, and ALL the fresh air in the world won't make any ****** difference"

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Great to See Hechi, and AA back and rolling. I wish you luck! ♥

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Meagy :)
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more good news. wb :)

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welcome back, AA. Keep the lakes wet :)

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I heard y'all was the best guild around? confirm/deny?

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Aeden Artisans continues to gain momentum and members! Welcome to our newest Artisans: Atheamas, Hexathon and Sarzone!

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Aeden Artisans is once again recruiting new members! We are looking for both new and experienced homins to join our guild of crafters and warriors.

Recently, Aeden Artisans has been hunting marauder bosses with the aid of our fellow Karavan, as well as defending our outpost in Loria from encroaching Kami guilds. We have hunting teams running every day for low and high level players, and we like to participate in some PvP for fun every once in a while.

I would like to welcome some great new members: Drekai, Zeezee, Quillon, Korvah, and Avil.

If this sounds like the guild for you, send a /tell in-game to our leader, Hechicera
One of our High officers: Hekla, Beeficus, Gizlo, Syliph, Soloreaper or myself (Crailus)
Or one of our officers: Atheamas, Chongon.

Any questions about us can be directed at those names or anyone you may come across with an Aeden Artisans tag.

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Just a little update,

I'd like to congratulate Drekai, Zeezee, Foxykitten, Mashnee on their new positions as officers, as well as Chongon and Atheamas - our two newest High officers.

We are still recruiting both new and veteran players! If you are interested, please send a /tell to one of the names listed above or Hechicera, myself (Crailus), Sellen, Lhyrs, Goldcrest, Soloreaper or Hekla.
For Australian/Japanese players it may be easiest to contact Beeficus or Utai.

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Welcome to Aeden Artisans; Aruchima, Ishika, Junjunq, Nialora, Crouchmonkey, Dylanhello, Earthdancer, Yeekwata, Krohm, Makita, Nowena and welcome back to Ryzom Eliki!

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Sounds like Fireflys Merged you guys...

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We are currently seeking experienced players to help us tackle some of Atys' greater threats. If you have elemental, healing or melee 230+ please send a /tell(or IG mail) to Hechicera or one of our High officers if you are interested in joining us. Thanks.

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Aeden Artisans is recruiting new members of all levels. Please send a /tell to one of the names listed above or seek us out in Fairhaven :)

We are still looking for experienced players to join us for our Marauder boss hunts. We take down all NPC HA bosses every week and have multiple hunt times to accomodate players in different time zones. Come experience Ryzom's endgame content and have a blast with Aeden Artisans!

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Congratulations to our first Marauder HA crafter, Hechicera! Months of hard work is finally paying off.

Aeden Artisans is still recruiting friendly and mature players, both new and experienced to join us in guild activities such as digging, hunting, PvP, NPC boss hunts and of course, stable-guarding. Please send a /tell to Hechicera or one of our HOs or Os listed in this thread. We can also be found around Fairhaven if you'd like to pop by and chat with us . :)
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