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You guys should have a torrent of the mac game so we can download it.... Instead of it being just on the apple marketplace.

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I agree. There does seem to be a couple of websites that offer downloads but you should also make updates available somewhere else. You supposedly have a "manual update" patch to fix some things available for mac "on iTunes" which I assume is a typo meaning the "app store". . . yet the update appears unreachable at the app store. I need to go to "purchases" before I even see an update button then, when I click on it, I get a line of crap error message about how I need to login to the account I purchased the game under. Well. . I ONLY HAVE 1 ACCOUNT so either the Ryzom patch is screwy or the app store is screwy. Either way it would be nice if there was a patch on the website or assurances that if I delete Ryzom and re-download it, it will contain that latest patch.

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