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Hi, i play for less that 2 week whit my brother, 2 diferent PC (operational system and configuration)...and both of pc freze whit client crash and return to desktop ..or freze and block whole pc and need to reboot, each time when we try to switch a character.Also have so problems whit forum mainpage sometime...got this message when i try to open forum page from mainpage site:

ERROR in controller
::SQLSTATE[08004] [1040] Too many connections
#0 /home/nevrax/atys.ryzom.com/redmine/public/start/app_mail/lib/out let/OutletConfig.php(53): PDO->__construct('mysql:host=db1....', 's_ryzom_api', 'cX79XE0y', Array) #1 /home/nevrax/atys.ryzom.com/redmine/public/start/app_mail/lib/out let/Outlet.php(56): OutletConfig->getConnection() #2 /home/nevrax/atys.ryzom.com/redmine/public/start/app_mail/lib/out let/Outlet.php(35): Outlet->__construct(Array) #3 /home/nevrax/atys.ryzom.com/redmine/public/start/app_mail/lib/rya pp_controller.php(14): Outlet::init(Array) #4 /home/nevrax/atys.ryzom.com/redmine/public/start/app_forum/contro llers/app_controller.php(111): Model::create(Array) #5 /home/nevrax/atys.ryzom.com/redmine/public/start/app_mail/lib/rya pp.php(117): AppController->__construct() #6 /home/nevrax/atys.ryzom.com/redmine/public/start/app_forum.php(15 5): ryApp->run('forum', Array) #7 {main}

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You got that message because the servers were down for maintenance along with all the game servers. At least, that is the same message I got for several hours after the game servers went down last night. I don't remember how long it was, but I decided to hop on the forums and I got the same message you posted - so I figure ALL the servers were down for maintenance. Especially since forums are so tightly integrated with the game now that would make sense to me, but this is an assumption on my part I do not know this for a fact. It just seems highly conincidental.

Game = down
Forum = down

and now

Game = up
Forum = up

Just sayin...

Sorry to hear you are having crash out problems though. I have not had this problem.
Have you tried running the configuration?
(it is called ryzom_configuration_rd.exe and it is in your Ryzom folder)

I have found that if I set it to use OpenGL specifically it makes everything run MUCH smoother
I am running WinXPsp3, 2GB RAM, and an old 8500 GT 512MB graphics card.

Hope that helps some and if not, there are lots of peops and of course the devs that know a heck of a lot more than I do. I'm really just starting myself. :)

Take care,
- Zift


You know it is too late when you wake up crying out into the darkness... "White Orange, Orange, White Green, Blue, White Blue...."

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Thanks for reply, i try that...

1# PC : XP Pro sp3, Intel Core 2 CPU 6600 2.40 GHz 2.41 GHz, 2 Go ram, ATI Radeon HD 4550

2#PC : Win 7 Home premium, Pentium Dual Core CPU E6500 2.93GHz 2.94 GHz, 6 Go ram,
ATI HD Radeon 4350

Edit N°1: i set OpenGL hight setting (1#PC)...but i got random crash when i play...and i dont see anymore water in lake (on Silan) so iìm trying D3D now.

Edit N°2: so...on 1#PC got crash each time when trying to switch my character if set on Auto (ryzom_configuration_rd.exe), random crash when is set to OpenGL, and work fine whitout any crash setting on D3D (default setting are on Auto after installation). Try to see how its work on 2#PC now....

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Fantastic - well then Whatever graphic cards / hardware / software installation setup - obviously likes D3D better than OpenGL :)

Go for D3D all the way if it stops the crashing and keep us posted how it's going for you!

Take care,
- Zift


You know it is too late when you wake up crying out into the darkness... "White Orange, Orange, White Green, Blue, White Blue...."
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