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When displaying dapper amounts, please add the digit separator depending on locale (either a comma or period, or whatever is used in various locales). Most other numbers, like experience increases, are small enough not to matter.

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never had a problem with the number of dappers, and I've hundreds of millions.

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never had a problem with the number of dappers, and I've hundreds of millions.

/cries while counting her few dappers.

Never had that problem but then I dont have that many dappers to count, only a few mill, lol.


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+1 to this idea. Should be an easy change that just makes life a bit easier when dealing with those billions and millions. =)


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Maybe those Tryker minters could finally introduce kilodappers and megadappers. Like dappers are green drops, kilodappers could be blue drops and megadappers red drops. Think of how colorful the bottom of our inventory window would look! :P

It makes sense lorewise at least, any economy where 1000 money-units is the smallest amount used would quickly start printing 1000-bills.

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Five years ago, I also didn't mind that the numbers were unformatted. But now, it struck me that it should at least be displayed properly. Maybe my eyes have gotten worse over the years =)

It also makes it easier to, at a glance without counting zeros, see how large is the guild treasury.

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+1 (i bought something for 10000 dappers, I read 1000 dappers)


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Yes please!

I didn't care much before, but recently i mistakenly had bought a pile of someone's expensive mats, that obviously had been put on vendor for storage purpose, because i misread number of dappers. Cost me a couple of millions that i didn't intend to spend on grind mats. Not a big deal, of course, but making things more handy is always welcome.

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I don't have enough dappers yet for it to be a problem, but a digit separator makes sense. Kilo and mega dappers would work, too, at least for me. But let's please never do WoW's gold and silver silliness: 100's and 10,000's.

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+1 Super easy to add and helps so much. Make it either with gold etc or separators. Both works!

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+1 would spare my eyes trying to count all the zero's


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+1 for me too. Save my poor old eyes.

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