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I sent in a support ticket for this issue in-game as well but still haven't found a solution so I'll most again here.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04, with a GeForceFX something-or-other (it's a few years old).

Everything works fine. Even Ryzom runs beautifully with all the settings maxed.

Trouble is, all the character animations (mine, other players, and NPC) play at double speed. Mobs too. Also, rotating elements in world spin too fast, weather particles are double-speed, and all in-game particle systems are just going too darn fast.

My in-game support ticket directed me to a ubuntu forums thread for a "Double Clock Speed" issue, but that isn't helping because I don't have that problem. Ryzom is the only place I've ever seen anything like this. I've changed the graphics settings many times in-game with no changes, but I haven't messed with any of the .cfg files yet. Also, the problem is not present in any other OpenGL apps that I have noticed.

It's a pretty weird one, hopefully we can find a solution, otherwise I'll keep playing on my Windows laptop to avoid how silly everything looks here in Linux :D

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Hi Tarralee,

From what I could gather from the thread I pointed you to, it was very similar to your problem. How do you know this is not your problem? Have you tried the solution?


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From that thread:

"If you notice that the mouse pointer freezes randomly and everything goes slow then you might be affected by the “Double Clock Speed” problem.

Make sure this is your problem:

open: Applications – System Tools - "System Monitor" (from the menu in GNOME). ... Click on “Resources”: you will see “CPU1”: and the percentage of usage of your processor. If the percentage is high (try this without any programs running), i.e. something like 50% or more then you have this problem.

Another test: play an mp3 in Totem (or another app). If it goes too fast then you have this problem"

My mouse pointer never freezes randomly, my PC runs very well. No unusual CPU load in System Monitor. My mp3s play at normal speed and always have. Judging from these tests, this isn't my problem. As I said, it seems to be a GPU issue rather than a CPU issue, and the problem doesn't exist in any game or OpenGL application besides Ryzom.

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Went into client_default.cfg, changed Driver3D value from "Auto" to "OpenGL" - perfect.

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Went into client_default.cfg, changed Driver3D value from "Auto" to "OpenGL" - perfect.

Great! Thanks for letting us know.

By the way, you should never change client_default.cfg; that will be overwritten upon updates; change client.cfg instead. If the line does not exist, you can copy it over from client_default.cfg (Settings in client.cfg will always take precedence over those in client_default.cfg)


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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Okay, this is bizarre, and maybe together we can figure out why this is happening.

Here's the deal:
Next time I loaded the client after this fix, the problem returned. Taking your advice, I added the line 'Driver3D="OpenGL";' to my client.cfg, to no avail - the problem remained. I re-opened client_default.cfg to see if there was another setting that may be causing it - saved, closed, and the problem was gone again.

So, after some experimentation, this is what I've discovered. Adding the line to client.cfg does not solve the issue.

Having the line present in client_default.cfg, in and of itself, doesn't even solve the issue.

Here's the weird part: If I open client_default.cfg, and change ANYTHING - I'm talking adding a space to one of the commented sections, not changing a setting - then save the file, THEN start the Ryzom client, the problem goes away for that instance of the Client only.

After that, if I exit and launch the client again, the issue returns.


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Well at this time, the only thought I have is "huh??". I'll talk with the devs and see if they can shed any light on this.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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What happens if you 'touch' the client_default.cfg file only? (Use the touch command to change the date/time to the current date/time)


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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Did you check if and which configuration files were changed during running the client?
Try to create copies of the files before you run the client, and then check for differences afterwards.

You additionally may want to look for 'unexpected' whitespace, if one of the files lines are terminated by carriage return and newline.


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