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Dear players,

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes in the forums.
After your feedback and requests, we have decided to simplify and consolidate all of the different forums and websites used by Ryzom. We did this to improve the communication between yourselves, and also to make it more easy for us to manage and understand the whole community.

The focal point of communication is the new official forum: http://forums.ryzom.com

These forums have been revised to be more useful and readable by all, and even non-players have access to the general sections. In these forums you will now find:
  • official news (patch, release notes, etc...)
  • general discussions
  • technical support
  • ideas for improving Ryzom
  • official events (date of the next events, ...)
  • role play discussions

Following website/forums have been closed:
  • former feedback site, with ideas to improve Ryzom
  • former official vbulletin forum
  • former roleplay forum at atys.ryzom.com

Of course, you will still be able to access the old forums here and RP here (read only).

We are confident that these changes will be beneficial for the game and its community, and that you will soon find your bearings!

Good game everyone!

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link fails


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sort out the patcher!!! :P XD


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sort out the patcher!!! :P XD

Ghuiss, have you followed the instructions I gave you? If you are still having trouble, contact me directly using the ryzom mail system or to support-ee@ryzom.com


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