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You will find below the list of common error messages that you might encounter when launching, logging in or patching Ryzom.

In case you couldn't solve your issue through one of the links below, you can contact our Customer Support team:
- on our live chat support, 'IRCS Freenode' (download the program for Arispotle server here).
- on the support board.
- by sending an email at [email][/email].

I. When launching the game

1. Can't create a window display (1024x768 32 bits)

2. nel_drv_opengl_win_rd.dll is more recent than the application.

3. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library - Runtime Error

4. msg.xml and database.xml files are invalid (server version signature is different)

II. When logging in the game client

1. Error Code 1 - can't connect

2. Error Code 2 - user already online, please relog

3. Error Code 10 - no mainland shard available

4. Error code 53 - not authorised to use the shard

5. Error Code 56 - bad password

6. no response from shard unifier, try later

III. When patching

1. Error encoutered while looking for files to download.

2. Patch error, please check your disk space and system settings and try again.

3. Game/Patcher communication Error. Please restart Ryzom or as a last resort use the Ryzom Installer to repair your installation.

4. Failed to launch the Ryzom Patcher...

5. Please use Ryzom Installer to repair a broken Ryzom installation.

6. This feature can only be accessed after background patching has finished. The background patching progress is indicated by the progress bar.

7. Ryzom Patcher stopped, please restart Ryzom.

8. Failed to initiate patching process because another Ryzom is already running. Please close the other Ryzom and try again.

9. Disk write error! (disk full ?)

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